Monday, July 15, 2013

The lone ranger

Hello invincible readers ,

Have you guys watched The Lone Ranger ? Well I have ! Got two tickets from KLIPS and watched the movie in Paradigm Mall with my adopted sister Priyankka LOL ;D

Its such an exciting movie to watch. The movie is kinda something like The Pirates of the Caribbean where its a mixture of action and comedy. The highlight of the movie was how talented Johnny Dept is ! I have always admired his acting skills. The ending of the movie was really satisfying ! All and all, it was a good movie ;)

Don't really want to ruin the excitement for those who haven't watch it. I highly do recommend you guys to watch it ! Thank you once again to KLIPS Malaysia ( )  for the tickets. 

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Midst of a war.

Ya ku masih gigih bekerja lagi
Ku takkan dipecat ku ada sebab di sini
Ingin capai bintang dan sekarang ku di ruang galaksi
Kalau ada silap ‘Maafkan Kami – P.Ramlee

Just a lil something I made. Helps me kill boredom LOL 

Waddup my imaginary readers ! LOL. Didn't update for quite sometime because I am in the middle of a war now , Final semester exam. Done with 3 papers and 4 more to go. My timetable this semester kinda sucks because there are huge gaps in between. Sums up to a total of 23 days of gap. That's like a month wasted here already -.- I seriously can't focus when the gap is too long. No matter how long the gap is , I'll never fail to only start studying the night before the exam. All this is due to procrastination ! 

My parents are really expecting me to like do well for this semester just because I managed to get DL for the last semester. This gotta stop man. Its adding pressure to myself. Yes , it is possible but I prefer them to think that I'm gonna fail so that they won't get upset if I don't score. 

Have been making lots of plan for my break already. Lots of plan means lots of cash needed. I seriously need to get myself a job during my break later. Can't expect my parents to like just give me everything I ask for just because I've sacrificed life and  been stuck here in Kedah LOL. 

Nothing much to talk about. Owh yeah , my sleeping cycle is real screwed up. Like an owl , I'll only be awake when the sun goes down and the stars comes up , la la la la la la LOL. But its a good thing , not that I have anything to do if I wake up. 

That's about it. Will come up with something else to talk about soon. Gotta start studying ! 3 papers back to back !  MAJOR papers ! 

Jangan kenal erti penat.
Selagi hidup , selagi tu perlu berusaha.

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Potato Couch

One day when the sky is falling ,
I'll be standing right next to you.

Hehe ;)

My days have been so darn unproductive. Have been laying around in bed watching weeds. Episode after episode. The only time I stopped was when I had to shower. Class ? What the hell is that ? Haven't been to class for so long since the lecturers have already submitted the names of students who have been barred like 2 weeks ago. I feel like a fucking vegetable just laying in front of the laptop. It aint a good feeling you know.

Today , I then decided to get out of the room. Well , actually I thought there was class but it was cancelled. I was the only one who didn't know. Guess that's what I get for not going to class , NO INFO. So I went to my old college where I used to stay and got kicked out for no bloody reason LOL. Hung out with friends who are still staying there. Had lunch and went back to my room. I then felt like shit because I was back to doing the same old thing , so I went back to my friends room. We then decided to go bowling. 

I told myself that I was not gonna bowl till next semester but I was desperate to get the hell out of this shit hole I'm living in. Played 4 games, went for dinner and back to the dorm. Managed to get a high score of 226 hehe And an average of 178.5 ;D Why the hell didn't I bowl like this at Sarawak ?!!! Could have got top 10 -.-

My first paper is on the 1st of July which is in 2 days. Haven't read a single shit. Omg omg omg. Let me finish 5 more episodes of weeds then I'll start studying tomorrow. Gotta do an early preparation in order to maintain the CGPA aite ? ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Friday, May 25, 2012

One After Another.

Taking ecstasy is like taking ice cream scoops from your brain.

Its almost the end of semester 2. Most of my classes are over and done but I made it ALL over already LOL. Have been staying in my room practically 24/7 , occupying myself with a few series of TV shows.

It all started out with the Pokemon series. I then watched the whole season of Suits. Really nice show. A story bout lawyers and how the solve/win cases. A dude who is frigging smart but doesn't have any qualification. The lawyer wanted to hire him but the firm only hires Harvard graduates. So they came to a plan to lie about it. Watching the way they do and get away with things is just amazing. There's 12 episodes for the first season. I'm waiting for season 2 !

I then tried following Alcatraz . A series about prisoners who escaped and comes back 50 years later without even aging. So this detective tries to catch them. Its more of a CSI kinda story which is so not my cup of tea lerr. Watched only 2 episodes and I was bored already.

Weeds ! Yeah , I know its an old series. But woohooo ! Finally found something that can occupy my time here.  Took all 7 seasons from a friend of mine. I've watched 3 seasons non stop. 4 more to go. Its such an interesting story. A single mother who has 2 kids , earns a living by selling weed. All sorts of conflicts and dramas !

My head tells me that I'm not gonna start studying until I finish all 7 seasons. Better get going LOL.

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012


You teach me and I teach you ,
Pokemonnnnn !

Everyone has something that reminds them of their childhood memories. Us, the 90's generation have went through all sorts of phases, trends and stuff. The only thing in our lives that is constant is CHANGE. From yoyo's to Pokemon to bay blade to play station  to x-box and God knows what is the thing now. Those were the memories. Well , at least we do have things to look back to. Unlike all the generation of spoil brats nowadays who owns an Ipad , Iphone and shits that they don't even need at that age. 
Pokemon ! Yeah , the one thing that I don't get bored of till today. I am a big fan of Pokemon ! LOL. Use to collect those small Pokemon dolls , the cards and the game. Spent hundreds and hundreds on Pokemon. When I was in standard 4/5 , used to stay up every night till sahor during puasa month playing the game. Crazy ! The obsession comes and go , off and on , you know. Started back in primary school , then it came back again in secondary school where everyone downloaded the game in their phone and now its coming back to me again.

For the past 2 days , I have been spending the whole day in front of my laptop watching the whole season 1 of Pokemon where Ash first started his journey as a Pokemon trainer. Just a few hours ago , I finished watching the whole season already. It has about 84 episodes ! Got to watch Ash earn all 8 badges and enter the Pokemon league. I'm only a fan of the beginning where he used Squirtle, Charmander and Babulsor. Don't quite follow the seasons after cause there's just too many new Pokemon's -.-

Now that I'm done watching all the episodes , I have nothing to look forward to. Think Imma try find the game and play it again laa hahahaha ;D

Just the best Pokemon battle.
Charizard vs Magmar !

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Friday, May 18, 2012


Lay me down on a bed of roses ,
bla bla bla.

Life has been pretty good lately. I think its because I've settled almost everything that has to be done this semester. Finished setting my classes for next semester too. Free time it is ;)

Have been sick for the past 5 days. It all started when I came back from the camp at Janda Baik. Must have been something that I ate. It was like gastric plus fever. I tried taking all sorts of medicine and will just end up vomiting it all out. There was once where I felt so darn weak that I slept for 2 days straight. Only woke up once to vomit , smoke and swallow some ActiveFast. The feeling was terrible. Later on , all the pain started going away slowly and another problem comes. Was constipated for like 4 bloody days ! I tried drinking this , eating that and all sort of other stuff , NOTHING COMES OUT . 

I then went out with my friends and bought a whole bunch of bananas LOL. Ate like 8 of em and was expecting for immediate effect , but still, nothing happened. Looks like it took a while to process , only got the effect after 24 hours. Woke up today morning and it felt real good ! LOL. Like seriously !

Have I told you guys that there's a Go Kart circuit in campus ? Yeah , there's a go kart circuit in campus LOL. Its like part of a curriculum activity and students can also play. So , we decided to try it out since we have been here almost a year already and still haven't step foot there.

And the race begins !

OMG , it was really fun and addictive ! Race after race. It felt so good to race with friends in a safe kinda way ;) 

That's about it for now. Got nothing much to talk about. Too much free time today that I had spent time cleaning my room and washing my clothes LOL. Bye bye ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Widows

OooOO , Kedah oohh Kedah.

Have been busy with things lately. Normal things like finishing up assignments. I'm now assignment free ! Wohhoo ! I can just chill and relax till the week before my finals starts ;)

So , me and my friends went for a camping trip last weekend. We went to Janda Baik , Pahang for 2 nights and 3 days. Its a program for Felda's 2nd Generation which means that students whose  father/mother works for Felda . Me and my friends have nothing to do with Felda. We were pirates acting like marines LOL.

All and all , it was a fun trip. There's a river right behind our dorm. We can just jump in any time we feel like it. Janda Baik was very cooling. The programs were mostly talks about Felda's history and teaching us the ways to earn a good living. Really interesting you know. Never knew that Felda was such a success. They became rich by planting rubber , oil palm and other plants. They're like one of the companies that paid Bank Negara a lumpsum of what they borrowed before the date line. Some of their pioneer's are millionaires now.  

Besides listening to talks , we also got to play paintball ! Was really excited since it was my first time. There were 127 of us and they divided us into 2 big groups. So there was 50 on each side. And the war begins. It was crazy ! Felt as if I was in world war. We were running here and there and one by one of us getting shot LOL. Bullets were  flying everywhere ! I got head-shot from a far distance. I didn't even know where the bullet came from LOL. Was really worth it la. Played non-stop for like an hour and a half. 

We also ate non-stop . It was like a holiday. Eat , sleep , listen to talks , sleep , mandi sungai , sleep and sleep haha. Made a move on Sunday noon and reached campus at midnight. KO-ed and woke up late. Only managed to go to 1 class today LOL. Exams are coming , better start revising ! Till then ;)

Owh yeah , Happy Mothers day Mama !
You know I love you like crazeyyhh ! LOL ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)