Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Im going home

Hello kawan2 ! :D

I'm like so tired to blog everyday nowadays. So here's like a recap of my past few days.

Family BBQ. ( Saturday)

Had a family BBQ since my mum like so bersemangat . Was fun la burning this and that and gain lots and lots of cholesterol :D

The BBQ grill that haven't been touched for years and its finally being used HAHA .

Had smores for desert. Yummeyh ! Its basically melted marshmallows with chips more.

Burnt marshmallow :D

Didn't take much pictures of myself la. Coz was busy burning and cooking. So yeah :)

For the past few days , have been spending quite some time at AC . Its a way for me to burn money real fast haha.

me Mun Fai

(Going down with Kumz to eat )
Where you going ?
(Thinking of the frigging chinese word to shout at him)
Puyau li kai wo !
HAHAHAHHA. Shit was just about to say that.

Since I'm so bored when I'm at home , its like a must for me to at least watch one movie to past time. Anybody with DVD's of new movies ? Nak pinjam ! haha.
New years eve is coming up , any plans ? :D

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Don't Stop Believing.

Today was indeed another day of staying home. Went for my usual friday prayers since it has been a while since I went to the mosque hehe. After that , went back home and just read through my blog from the first post till the latest post HAHA. What to do , was so bored. Then went Carrefour with my dad for grocery shopping. But decided to walk around in Subang Parade first. Felt so weird coz there wasnt much people at malls and other places. Everybody's busy celebrating Christmas I guess. Damn , their Christmas decorations at Subang Parade are so much better compared to all those big big malls. Its like big boxes with different environments in it. Gempak bai !

After Subang Parade , then headed to Carrefour. So I was buying a cable for the TV . Then I paid the lady and she just gave the cable like that without a plastic bag. So I asked her la "Kak , ade plastic tak ? ". Then she gave me like this bitchy face and opened the plastic with force nak show like shes angry la. Then I was like WTF ?! So I grabbed the plastic like kuat2 from her and shouted "Retard !" but dont think she understand la. Like duh ! Shes working at Carrefour HAHA. Then I like turned back la to see her expression and her face was all red and angry and at that point , my heart was happy and satisfied LOL. Its so annoying weyh , if wanna work then do it properly la. Pull her tudung later baru tau :P

Got back home and just walked around the house. Watched Christmas movie after Christmas movie. Was so bored and decided to watch Harry Potter LOL. At first , everybody was watching it with me , then they ditched and did their own stuff. So off-ed the dvd player and am currently watching You Got Served instead . So I can learn more on how to shake my booty HAHA.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Dusty Road

I'm currently taking a break from going out. So have decided that I'll continue my outings again next Tuesday aite HAHA :D Need sometime to rest and chill at home coz my whole body is like so frigging tired. Till then ! See yeah next Tuesday :D

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Thursday, December 24, 2009



Woke up kinda early. Didn't do much. Just went to Subang Medical Center to visit my aunt and picked up her car. Lepaked at the hospital for quite sometime la. Then went back and stoned. I felt sleepy the whole day but every time I tried closing my eyes , I still couldn't sleep. Babi betul !

PMR results came out today ! Congrats to those who did well aite. See ! I baru doa for you yesterday then you dapat straight A's :P HAHA. UPSR , PMR are all settled . Now its our turn. Just wait for it :D HAHA.

Since I'm dead bored at home , discovered a new hobby to past my time. Transfered every single emo song into my phone , plug in the ear phone , put the volume to the max, smoke cigarette after cigarette and just lay on bed looking at the ceiling pretending I'm high :D Its so relaxing ! I'm serious. Since I have nothing else to say , I shall get back to my new hobby.

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Wednesday .

Such a fun day. Went out with Farah and Priy as I promised them. Miss hanging out with these two people. We decided to make it a day for us to practice our unique vocals LOL. Went to RedBox Pavilion at first , but since all rooms were occupied and the lady there was being bitchy , we took a cab from KL all the way to MidValley HAHA (Wasting money gile babi ! So whose the smart one yg nak sgt go KL ? :P ). Coz our main plan was to go karaoke. So it's a must for us and ain't no shits gonna stop us :D Overall , it was really really fun :D We sang our lungs out till we had no more voice. The food was awesome. We ate glutton-ly at the 'eat all you want' buffet. Yummeyh !

After pretending like rockstars , met up with Palie and Ben at Brewball. Anak Azmi came later. Then chawed after a long day. Priy slept over since we're like her second family HAHA. Chit chat-ed , makan , onlined , camwhored and chess- ed (LOL !).

Working it HAHA :D

Solo :D

Duet with Farah :D

Duet with Priy :D
Suara kuat gile babi LOL :P

All I can say is thank you so much Priyankka ! I owe you big time ! :DD

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here I am


Woke up kinda early to give my hugs and kisses to my father who's leaving for Johore to continue working )= Then got ready and headed to Maxwell since Aaron felt like dancing. It was only the four of us which were me , Aaron , Kishan and Jon. Danced , stoned and danced HAHA. I don't know why , but I feel so damn sleepy nowadays. No matter how many sticks have been sucked in to blacken my lungs , the sleepy feeling still wouldn't go away. Was joined by Nicole since she had her piano lesson. Did some awesome shits weyh ! HAHA.

Panas gile and decided to have a dip in the pool. Went for a swim. Sotong dan panjang pun berenang juga LOL LOL ! Lepaked , chit chat and chowed home. Followed my mum to send my sisters here and there and finally got to make time for my blog :D I'm so sweet rite ? Tell me bout it HAHAHAHAH .

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Feel This


Woke up late and got few messages from Aaron saying , going not ? Please reply ! HAHAHAHA. So cepat2 mandi and headed to MidValley. Lepaked at Gardens and talked and talked bout the one memorable night LOL. I find it so funny when we look back at the past. Stupidest moments weyh. When I watched the video , couldn't believe it was me HAHA.

Then as usual Brewball after that. Played , played and played sampai my hands couldn't take it anymore. Nyorok2 tgk Marcus working at GSC LOL. Bumped into Kamal ( Rindu sial budak nie !) ,
Mijie and Anak Azmi came later. Walked around and waited for Dhiren and Aaron to come out from the cinema. Then felt tired like shit and missed my opportunity to go Breakers and watch the number 1 Foosball player in Malaysia play -_- Damn ! Its ok la , there is always next time. Went back home and slept ! Freaking sleepy ! Had a goodnight sleep.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Says


Nowadays , I just feel like staying home. I am still feeling tired over the whole Prom-Night-Out. My body is still in pain , bruises here and there. Have been sleeping like for more then 12 hours a day and I still feel sleepy the next day. Like wth ?

So went Sunway in the afternoon with the family minus my mum since she went out with her friends. Helped the father pick up some nice office attire , jeans for the sister and bought quite an amount of junk food HAHA ( I'm like a big fan of diabetes now :D ). Wanted to watch The Avatar , but the line was freaking long and we couldn't book online. So canceled the plan. Just walked around , looked at clothes and observed people dressing up in anime characters LOL. Bumped into Anak Azmi and his chick at the cinema. Sunway is just not my cup of tea . I only love going there when I want to buy clothes and that's bout it la.

Some people are like so bodoh. Was helping my dad choose his shirt la , then I was also wearing some kemeja . Then I walked out the fitting room to get another size , then the stupid ugly looking lady yang work there was like staring at me like some bitch thinking that I stole the baju. Then I was like WTF ?! Stared back at her like tak puas , then she realized I didn't steal it. People nowadays ahh , otak dekat celah bontot ? HAHA.

Went ABC that night. Surprisingly ,watched football with Aaron , Dhiren and Chun Wei. 1 ball , 1 ball ! Drogba Drogba ! HAHAHA. Didn't understand most of the things they talked bout. Coz its football ! HAHA.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maiden Voyage

Pictures pictures , Enjoy humans ! :D

Aaron and Mun Fai :D

Before leaving :D

Bernie :D

Shalinee Rawi Chandar :D

Sharon Rawi Chandar :D
Funny convo ,

Me Sharon
How you going back ?
Dhiren sending.
Owh , so lucky kan you. Dapat BF like that.
Thats not my BF la !

Damn , still cant tell the difference HAHA.

Neoh Ka Kit. Its officially aite ? Happy for you :)

Termizi aka Mijie and Uvendran , the two other nominees :D

Myra Atiqah. Back off , she's Putra's :P

Anak Agusli and Azmi :D

Natalie Loo :D

Dhiren , Kumaran , Carrie and Jon :D

Azrina Rahim :D

Hanisah RJ :D

Anysa Hamid , my so called prom date HAHA jk jk :D

Prom Queen and King Nominees :D

And the winner goes to jeng jeng jeng. (:

I still want more pictures =___=

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

WOW ! A word to describe prom night. It was at Legend Hotel, last night. Booked a room at Seri Pacific , a hotel opposite Legend. The prom was all good at the beginning but towards the end , everybody ditched the performers and start taking pictures LOL. Pity the performers that performed after those sexy divas with awesome fake boobs (I want them boobies ! HAHA ). It looks so freaking real ! :D

Nominated for prom king. Like awwwww :D The game was seriously sick weyh ! Such a bad day to wear skinnies -_- Thanks to my big huge ass , the ping pong ball got stuck in between my ass HAHA.

Thank you for voting guys ! Couldnt have done it without your support :D And my parents who gave me money to buy the clothes and accessories to make my outfit outstanding.

Well , the award was a good way to end my high school life. Now , the scary part. RESULTS -_- Nahh , dont wanna think bout it now.

After prom was freaking funneyyyyhhhhhh ! Thanks to Aaron and Dhiren , no one died LOL. Sorry gile babi to Kumaran weyh HAHA. It was so not me. And Mun Fai ! Kite gang ! Bunuh Jon ! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Yew Wing , you'll get Jon some other time HAHA. Damn , was one hell of a night. Really had fun . Even though there were a few retards that kept giving me stares , like what Mun Fai and Gomez always say , tidur je la HAHA.

I'll update more in another post. Need to continue my sleep. Owh , pictures havent been uploaded . Ill try getting as much pictures from Facebook. Those with pictures , upload them and let me know aite :D

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 am

Blogging is like my fav past time. Since Glee season 1 is over and the latest 90210 episode can only be downloaded next week . Most of my time are occupied by going out or just staying home blogging , facebook-in and just keep repeating tracks from Glee and get all emo LOL.

Its like freaking 3 am and I'm just sitting in front the computer and just listening to Glee music. The series that have won my heart and made me deeply in love with it HAHA. For God's sake , its a freaking TV show ! I need to get a grip ! =_=

Since I have nothing to blog bout , I'll just come up with something random lor. Woke up in the morning and got a text message from Kakit saying that he just watched My Sisters Keeper. The movie I told you guys bout in the past post of mine. See ! I told you ! Its so damn awesome. It makes a person appreciate life more. I often cry when it comes to reality , but when I watch sad emo movies , I do. I don't know why , but I really love getting all emotional Since I'm happy go lucky when I'm with friends . Need to make sometime for myself to get emo HAHA.

Darn I'm bored. I think I should try hafal all the Glee songs . Season 2 ! Cepat la. It feels like not having a cigarette after eating =_=

Night night !

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3rd row from the left Dominic , Aaron , Weng Onn and ME. HAHAHA. So round ! :D
True friends are the people who were nice to you no matter how you look.

I had the weirdest dream when I was sleeping over at Kumahai's place.

Dreamt bout getting our SPM result like cepat giler. Then everybody was like sitting in class as usual and tibe2 Pn Sheela masuk the class with our results haha. Then Aaron was the first to get his results and he got like 8A's and everybody was like clapping their hands for him.
When I took my result , I got like frigging 1A 7B and 1G HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
So weird and scary weyh. Hope that's a good sign la.
I shall pray now :D

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Damn , have been going out every single day and night till haven't got enough sleep. So have decided to make today a stay home day.

Agenda for the past few days,

-Fetched Farah at school from district conference ( everybody at FaceBook kept saying I'm back I'm back ! =_= Get a grip of yourself ! HAHA :P)

-Went to Azrina's BBQ. Was fun la although the charcoal didn't work out LOL.

-Went back home with Zulpalie pasta pimple face :P

-Was fun talking bout our life and stuff. Slept at freaking 6am =_=

-Kumahai fetched us and headed to MidValley. Wasted like freaking 1 hour and a half searching for parking. When I decided to sleep and let Kumz find himself a parking lot , I suddenly saw a dude going out. Finally got a parking right in front of the lift. Thanks to my awesome vision and most importantly God :D HAHAH.

-Bored at Mid then went back to Kumahai's place. 4 Boxes of pizza for 3 ! Fucking full. Felt as if I was pregnant. Was hoping for a baby boy but it just turned out to be normal waste product =_= HAHA.

-Sent Palie pasta pimple face home. Freaking scary area ! Met his mum (the hottest lady at Pantai Dalam :D , but shes already taken by Kumahai HAHA). Waited for palie to get ready and went back to Kumahai's place since he had chores to do.

-Picked up gang gang OUG. Funny Convo with Mun Fai

me Mun Fai

( On the phone to tell him we're already at his place. Using Kumahai's number. )

Hello , kami udah sampai ( indon slang )
(Hanged ) Ummm hello ?
Kami udah sampai !
UMMMM (awkward silence ) ( scared edi )
Kami udah sampai !
Umm hello ?
HAHAHAHA we already here la !
haha cepat la
Owhh kk.

Mun Fai ! Your so friggin dumb ! HAHA.
He actually thought Kumahai's phone kene curi by sum rempit and would wanna call him HAHAHA. Macam tak biasa je dengar me with my slang Indon in class tsk tsk tsk :P

-Headed to AC. Foosed foosed foosed. Was already half dead.

-ABC after that as usual.

-Back to Kumahai's place and dozed OFF.

-Woke up like so late . Went back home. An it was officially stay home day for me :)

Yay yay ! Tonight got Desperate housewives , Biggest Loser Asia and Giuliana and Bill ! :DD

I support Kevin ! He's freaking cute ! Feel like hugging him weyh ! LOL.

A RedzaRox Production :)


Do you guys watch Glee ? If you don't , then you should ! Its like so chun la. Its like a musical kinda series. Best babi ! :D
Its something like High School Musical . Kinda cliche ah . The popular kids like really love singing but they want to maintain their reputation in school and stuff la. I just love watching it. Makes me smile all the time LOL.

Was shocked when Farah told me that all the songs they sang were their real voice. Amazed amazed !

Some of them are performers on Broadway.

They make some songs addictive.

After being so into Glee , every morning when I wake up , I always wish that I have an awesome voice LOL. Its like the life that I dream for. Being on a stage as a performer :D

Owh owh owh , 90210 is getting better and better ! They're all back together as friends. Naomi's sister finally got fucked out. Stupid Annie finally believed her friends that Jasper is a drug dealer. Liam and Naomi are finally together. The annoying part , Dixon macam babi tibe2 like Silver again when he knows that Teddy likes her =_= Cant wait for the next episode to be downloaded :D

Stay tune ! xoxo GleeeeTwoOneO

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