Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class of 2008/2009 :)

Song Chin Vern
He enjoys playing with his hands and eats biscuits for recess :)

Even the gangsters are afraid to mess with him :)

Alan Ong
If the interact club goes green-er , then Alan turns into HULK.
Coz he sells sayur at every single pasar in Malaysia :)

Vincent Lee
Do not disturb him while washing his hands , or he'll say
"I'm washing my hand la FUCK !". LOL :)

Yong Ching Ming
People thinks he's looking at his crotch. But he's actually playing
with his PSP :)

Daniel Ong
You blink at him once and he'll blink 100 times back :)

He's the shortest boy in 5k. Got spammed like crazy. You get what I mean ? :)

Tong Beng Hua
Mr Tong junior. His a pro in bio ( Reproduction part) :)

Chandra Rau
The best penanam rambut. That's how he grew his hair so fast :)

He is the only person that has the stamina to run from Malaysia to London.
Enjoys debating with teachers :)

Teh Loon Xian
His water was finished due to Pn Sheela washing her hand :)

Azreel Ariff
He is related to Sandy in Spongebob coz his a TUPAI. But when you look at him
properly , he actually looks like a CICAK . LOL :)

He's the bear of 5k. He hybernates for every subject and only wakes up when
there is Kadet Polis stuff :)

Aaron Ashton Loh
He is the only transfer student in 5 k. He's from Thailand and he carries a gun everywhere he goes, BE CAREFUL ! :)

Choo Chun Wei
The most matured Jepun Boy in our class and the best pokemon trainer.
I choose you pikachu chun wei ! Gotta catch em all ! :P

Looi Mun Fai
He has the best futsal team in the world. They can beat ABSOLUTE anytime. LOL :)

Darren Gomez
He has the lips of Fantasia Burino plus Angelina Jolie. Lick them lips :P

The person that always plays with his janggut. Don't mess with him coz he
might just silat you anytime :)

Gurjant Singh
He is so tall till he can just walk over Hazman without knowing :)

Sasi Kumar
Our very own vaccum cleaner. He seduts everything he sees :)

Don't make him angry , coz his eye balls might just pop out anytime :)

Arwhin Kalai
He is the head prefect of La Salle. He wears perfume yang berjenama " KUNYIT" :)

Madhu Suthran
MJ once wrote a song bout him , "black and white ". He can camel flush
anywhere, anytime :)

The ketua class that was born in a carpet shop at Pasar Seni. Till today , he still promotes his carpet :)

He has hair everywhere ! He's the father of 5k together with his wife Chandra :)

Prem Kumar

More like Thevamuthu GANAS. He's a playboy in Tmn Petaling LOL. :)

Last but not least Malek Redza
HMMMM, AISSSH, malas je nak bangga. LOL ! :)

Don't terasa tau. You guys know I'm just joking.
NOT ! HAHA. Well , that's the 5 kuning that have
been making my school life freaking awesome :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bye Bye Long Hair , Hello Short Hair

Hello Moto ,

Guess what ? I cut my hair today since its already long -_- I feel so weird weyh. Now I cant even flip my hair. HAHA. Its short now. No more Adam Lambert style. Its ok la , at least better then getting my hair cut by the teachers in school.
Bye bye rambut ! See more of you after SPM :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Boring Weekend

Hello earth community,

This weekend is so boring ! Spent every single second at home. Felt like dying ! Didn't go to school on saturday since my parents couldn't come and didn't want to be the last person to go back home. So slept at home, watched tv , online, ate like a pig and studied a lil :D Wanted to jog and sweat a lil but everytime I ade semangat to jog it will rain like shit. So I buat sit ups at home. HAHA :) I was cleaning up my room and I found my collection of Ferari toy cars . I spent like 2 hours playing with it. HAHA. Its so fun weyh. Well thats bout it la. The boring weekend.
Nothing much to talk about. Owh yeah then I was doing a lil studying till got a hold of the camera :D I started taking pictures like a whore.

The Adam Lambert pose :)

The Retro pose :)

The Kononnye sexy pose :)

The Smoke cigarettes to the bud pose :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lizard oh Lizard !

Hey people,
Today is so the kelakor LOL. I went to school and there were only half of the class present. The others didn't come due to Transformer the movie. HAHA. So it was cards and pokemon the whole day for me. Such a waste of time rite ? After recess we had mod maths with Mr Ang. I was playing tie tee la, 5 buck around with Hazman-dul and Specky since we didn't have anything to do. Then we realized that there was a freaking huge lizard yang dah mati at the back of our seats. So me and Hazman-dul screamed like hell saje wanna create havoc. LOL. Azreel jumped on the chair like a TUPAI and I just moved away. The teacher then came to us to see whats going on. Then he picked it up and put the dead lizard on the teachers table(weird !). HAHA. After his period ended , every teacher that came to our class screamed looking at the dead lizard. LOL. Then as usual I will laugh and clap my hands.HAHA. So it was Pn Suguna and Pn Zabariah. They were cool about it la. The last period was english. Before the teacher came in , Azreel the tupai went and move the dead lizard in the middle of the teachers table to see how the teacher would react. When she came in , she screamed and everybody laughed their ass off. I stood on the table and shouted " Gottcha ! ". HAHA. It was really funny la. Then the english teacher thought that it was a fake lizard and she actually picked it up and smell it , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Then everybody was like "Teacher ! its real ! We found it at the back of the class ! ". She automatically threw it back on the table. She took Teh's full bottle of water and quickly washed her hands. And she goes " U guys are such idiots ! Low mentality ! ". Everybody dah mule takut , and I as usual continued laughing my ass off. She gave me the stare and I still continued LOL. :P Then her mood changed automatically. When the bell rang , she stopped everyone from going back home. She said that no one leaves the class unless sumone admits that they put the lizard there. She was ready to report it to the principle dah. Everybody dah takut gile babi and didn't want to reveal who did it. I still continued laughing coz its so damn fucking funny ! HAHA. So at last , Azreel the tupai admitted that he was the one who did it. I went back home laughing , laughing and laughing. LOL. Such a fun day la. Something I will remember my whole life :)

Owh yeah , RIP Micheal Jackson . I'm gonna miss your nose :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad Luck !

Hey people ,

Today was such a bad day ! I went to school in the morning. When I reached school I saw M and he was like " Jom ah , we all going to kumz house ". Then I was like " Nah , nak belajar la , got addmaths summore ". Good boy ah , haha. Then during assembly , they suddenly decided to buat spot check like sum fuck. Then everybody started to panic ah. Yong with his PSP and almost everybody in my class brought their phone. I called Aaron to help me hide my phone knowing that they wont check the prefects. So I passed it to him inside my pencil box so it wouldn't seem obvious. It was all save already. Then we had to go in the middle of the field with all our bags left in the tarmac. Aaron followed us also because Kishan last minute wanted to give his phone to Aaron. Sum how the dicipline teacher saw Aaron holding my pencil box and he was shouting Aaron's name. Then we got caught -_- My phone, pencil case , all GONE . I didn't have my stationaries and no phone to look at the time. Now I'm phoneless till saturday or monday. GRR !
Sorry ah Aaron for getting you introuble . I feel damn guilty weyh -_-

A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Durian Runtuh

Hello Pokemon Trainers :P

Shit weyh ! I have been craving for durian like hell. So my dad asked his worker to send 2 big bags of durian today. And as usual , I ate as if there's no tomorrow. LOL. Bnyak gile babi owh. I
ate like 2 and a half durian by myself. Sedap giler babi weyh ! I think now I can qualify to masuk biggest loser -_- . I calculated my BMI just now since we weighed and measured our self during PJK. Damn , I'm still not fit. Need to grow taller and loose a lil more weight. I'm gonna start jogging again la with Putra. I was damn rajin last time till I stopped coz of the mid term exam. Esok la , I'm just gonna run baby run , and don't ever look back . HAHA :D

Six pack here I come , NOT. haha

A RedzaRox Production :)

Hearts :)

Gave me more love then I've ever had ,
Make it all better when I'm felling sad,
Tell me that I'm special even thought I know I'm not ,
Make me feel good when it hurts so bad.
Barely getting mad ,
I'm so glad I found you.
I LOVE being around you :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Happy Birthday Kumz-Mahai :D

Happy Birthday ! I've known this boy since I was like 4 years old ? HAHA. Slalu shit in the pants and my mum had to send him back home. LOL. The good old days. Its good that were still friends till now. Dah besar dah Si Kumaran nie :P Today , we went to his house to suprise him for his birthday. There was me , Gomez , Mun Fai , Dhiren , Nichole , Bernie , Tanisha ,Amani , Carmen and Mel J. The girls went home rite after eating the cake. Then us guys lepakd and played guitar hero :) Then kumz told me that his brothers friend left a shisha tong in his house. So we decided to shisha la. Homemade shisha by gomez and mun fai. Not bad la , can bukak kedai dekat Bkt OUG in the future. haha. Lepak, shisha , guitar hero and talked till like 5.45 and Went back home. Had fun la hisap shisha since it has been quiet sum time :)

Owh and Aaron loh , I see your true colours edi :P Dah ade swine flu nak pegang2 org.
HAHAHAHAHA. Nahh , just kidding la apek. I knw ur NOT like that :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Done :P

Hello gods creation :D

Thank god I'm finally done with my addmaths project and also thank god my pimple is slowly going off. haha. I came home today , makan , watched tv and start with my addmaths project which I'm suppose to pass up today. But its ok la , tomorrow never dies. LOL. So I'm done with the project and now I have time to study sikit la , tak banyak :D

A few days back , I watched last comic standing. Kelakor benor weyh ! haha. There was this Korean girl and she was like
" Hi! I'm korean but I was born here in the United States. So its really weird coz when I went back to korea , there were Korean's everywhere. When I was at the airport , I went in the wrong car 10 times coz they all look the same."
HAHAHAHAHA. But sadly , she was eliminated. haha.

A RedzaRox Production :)

In Africa's Shoes.

Yellow people ,

Last Saturday I went to Assunta's IU and carnival. It was fun :D At first it was raining but luckily they were smart to do their IU first then only the carnival. So by the time the IU finished the rain had stop. Well done Assuntarians :P So me and Aaron went there around 9.45am and it was drizzling. Lucky my hair didn't rosak. Then we went in and met with my fellow friends. Every person I jumpe will notice my pimple. HAHA. So fucked up. Then watched the performances. I like the kononnye stomp the yard one :D
Then after the IU we went to the carnival and walked around. Round and round we went. We spent most of our time at the kedai air la since Bones was selling water. HAHA. Then I played gladiator with CJ An Chan :) was fun weyh wacking his head lots of time. Chill la CJ , you yg ajak me play with you kan. So I did my best la LOL. Fear Factor was so gelik weyh -_- Felt like puking , but I was strong. haha. Most of the contestant were from La Salle. They dig through the worms and ate grasshopper yg dah mati and smell like shit for the first round. Kakit and Kumz ate it as if it was twisties or sumthing. Respect you guys for that :D I didnt get to see the second round . So tak tau la who won. The dunk in was chun la, Bernie and Navina were the ones yg sat on it. I went back early coz had to go home for fathers day celebration since my dad has to go back the next morning. So I went back around 3. When I reached home my dad was sleeping. So all of us went to his room with a cake and woke him up la. "Happy Fathers day father nature ! ". HAHA. Then dah makan cake and all I straight went to sleep. So tired owh . I went back home looking like a pig weyh , SUNBURN !
Then woke up at night and online as usual. It was like 1.30am and I couldnt sleep. So I watched Yes Man on my sis nye laptop. SO funneyh ! I was laughing my ass off owh. Maybe I should start saying Yes to everything and see my luck. haha. Then slept around 3.30 am.

Gang Gang Lalat , HAHA

When I decided to be gay , LOL

Tak banyak picture coz someone's camera had low batt :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stupid Volcano !

Shit ! I have an extra eye in between my two eyes. GRR !
Oh god , please make this pimple go away in 1 second -_-
People , pray for me tau :D HAHA

A RedzaRox Production :)

Bridge to Terabithia

Hey people ,

Today I was bored to death in class while everybody was doing their own thing. So I lay down on 3 chairs combined and read Hazman's english essay. His whole essay was about this story and he got 40/50 and I only got 35/50. wth ? But his essay was interesting la. This story is so damn chunted la. I seriously don't mind watching it over and over again. Every single time I watch this movie , my eyes will be all watery. Its freaking sad weyh. Its about this boy who is a loner and he has no friends. Then this new girl just moved there . That girl was the first friend he's ever had. They both became best friends. They have this imagination that they own this kingdom called Terabithia (but its actually just a forest near their house) . Malas wanna tell the whole story , so ill just jump straight to the end. The girl died.

Its freaking sad weyh. Can you imagine ?! The only friend that boy actually had, DIED. He was crying all by himself. I dah watch this movie so many times. Everytime I watch this movie it will always be with Farah. Then when the girl dies , Farah and I will like start having watery eyes and we will look at each other's face and start laughing with our watery eyes. LOL. So sad la ! I love watching this movie. To you people that haven't watch this movie , you should :D

Yeah yeah , I cried. So what ? -_-

A RedzaRox Production :)

Ticking Ticking

Thai boy got skill's huh ? :D

Hey Arnold !

Its been like 3 days since I have last updated my blog. Takkan wanna let my blog drop dead je , so ape lagi ? Update la kan. haha. One week of school have just ended after two whole weeks of holiday. I felt like I wasted my sleeping time going to school la. We did practically nothing accept for B.m , BIO ( we studied reproduction, very interesting :D) and getting our results. My results for this exam sucks weyh. I must seriously start studying -_- So the whole week was full with mafia game in class , tie tee la, 5 buck around, HAHA , making noise in class , berborak- borak with friends , playing sum laughing game , playing pokemon yellow( chun wei dah jadi pokemon trainer ! Go Chun Wei , Gotta catch em all ! :P) , buat as if my lidah is my lips HAHA , everybody tibe2 noticed that I have a big forehead (normal size la weyh ! ) , and that's bout it la.
This week we also had our elections for the new interact board. Our days are over 08/09 :) But chill la , we still have one last event which is our IU . I had a blast living my life as an interactor. Interact is so damn awesome la ! Meeting new people , going through lots of experience , performing for ICC 08 , then going around Sentul buying every single bread from every shop , laughing gas during supercamp, eating mee hun during ICC meetings at BB using plates yg tak pernah basuh LOL and many more la. If I would want to write it all , It will take me forever :D I'm gonna miss being an interactor . Good luck to the incoming board ! Hope you guys will do a great job with Amsyar the BOMB as your president and Yew Wing the muscle boy as your vice . HAHA. I'm so gonna ask my children's to join interact club in the future. LOL.

Owh yeah , suddenly we talked about pick up lines in class. So here is my fav one,
"Does your dad work in a bakery ? Coz I sure like your Buns."

A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunway Lagoon

Hello kitty :)

So last week, we went to Sunway lagoon , our last outing for the holidays. It was fun la. Just got the pictures so baru nak update :D I went to Sunway around 11 since Kakit said to be there by 11. As usual , I'm a very punctual person :D Kakit with his Malaysian timing arrived around 11.40. Lepaked at KFC and ate there coz the food in the theme park mahal babi. HAHA. So went in the theme park and spent almost the whole day there. We rode the ship yang turns 360 , the spinning cup that almost made me muntah , the shoe , the rapids and the stupid bull thingy . We spent most of our time at the wet park la , just laying around in the water and doing stupid stuff. Kacau two small malay girls , then I practiced my water bending since I am the last avatar , haha. Then Krithan and Aaron stole two floats for us . HAHA. Then Sean was so kind and gave the float back to sum Arabian boy. LOL. Then after Lagoon , we went to Mr Tepanyaki in Pyramid since we were all freaking hungry. After eating we met up wit Thai boy at Sakae sushi then we headed to Kumz house. Thai boy together with Noelle , Carmen and Amani joined us later. Played guitar hero , got high on laughing gas (sorry krithan , later kumz will buy you a new one ) and Kumz made sum stupid joke bout Carmen. Fucking funny weyh ! HAHA. Then went back home around 10.45 , Thai boy's mummy sent me back coz malas wanna walk back home. Then got back home and mum said that this is my last outing till after SPM. Hmm , we'll see :P So here are the pictures , sikit je

The ship , Kumz is afraid of heights :P

Krithan learning how to swim :P

Spot the stomach, haha

Noelle , me and Carmen

No one was at home :D

With Coco crunch bear , HAHAHAHHA

A RedzaRox Production :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Us Lambert family :)

Hey humans ,

Recently, me, Carrie , Natt Loo and Kakit, the Lambert family decided to do a photoshoot, 'Lambert' style for fun. So I suggested to do the shoot at Pudu Jail . Coz the area is so chunted and the surroundings are perfect for the set of the shoot. Kee Jun fetched me and Kakit from my house and we headed off to pudu. The minute we reached there we got started with the make up, handled by our chunted make up artist Dionne :) The weather that day was freakin hot , dah la all of us were wearing black with leather jacket summore. The girls got all creeped out about the fact that the place was an old jail. So we started with the shoot immediately coz we didn't wanna miss Yew Wing's suprise birthday. Happy Birthday muscle boy. Kakit brought two cameras. So Dionne helped snap a few pictures since Kakit also wanted to be in the photos. HAHA. We took like gile babi banyak photos. Then we all ciao-ed and went to Mr Raj's shop with all the make up and black nails since everybody was so hungry. Lepak there for a while , then got called "bapok" a few times by Raj. HAHA, then went to Natt's house to wash up. I took the opportunity to do my hair at her place :D Then we all went straight to MidV . I didn't bawak any extra clothes to change , so I just wore what i wore for the shoot minus the chains and all la. HAHA. Masuk je MidV everybody started staring at us like we're sum freaks. haha. Then went to pasta sumthing and jumpe everyone there. Later on , half of them went for a movie , and the rest of us lepaked at Mcd and minum air je. haha. borak2 then went to brewball to have a smoke with kevin then went back to Mcd . Lepak2 then went back home. Kee Jun sent me home. Thanks weyh :D
Was so excited to see the pictures , But sadly the penjual Dvd , Kakit nye camera memory rosak. So like half of the pictures were gone -__- So frustrated weyh ! Dah la got quite banyak chunted pictures in his camera. I just got them yesterday since Kakit was too busy selling Dvd. HAHA :P There're not many pictures coz Kakit said that he only picked the best pictures. Most of the pictures' exposure cacat so he didnt edit. Here are the pictures yang begitu sedikit LOL,

At Pasta sumthing

Yew Wing's birthday cake :)

Such a Madworld :P

With the two female models :P

My fav picture , but cant see my face -_-

Without the leather jacket since I felt as if I was in hell, LOL

The lightings were awesome , good job Kakit :D

Adam Lambert is my freaking idol weyh. His style and the way he sings. So wtf if he's gay ?! He tak kacau your mum berak kan ? HAHAHAH :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day Trip to KL

Hey people ,

A few days back I went to Kl with a few other guys just to hang out la. Its been a long time since I last hung out with them. From KLCC to Pavillion . Was planning to shisha but most of the places were contaminated with rempits , budget people, girls that think their hot and ugly sluts. LOL. We didn't want to share the same air as them. So tak jadi la, we just walked around and chilled at Old Town White Coffee. There was like this metal thing yg ade sugar inside it for people to add sugar to their coffee. I didn't have anything to do till I decided to suck sugar out from the metal thingy through a straw. HAHA. Was so fun owh, but i eventually stopped coz takut dapat kencing manis. Since we had nothing much to do , we decided to camwhore like whores. LOL. But it was really fun la , people were looking at us thinking we're real models having a photoshoot. HAHA. So here are a few pictures taken by Acap , our photographer for the day :D

Spot the stomach , haha

Our private studio :D

Damn , I look like Kakit's gang yg jual Dvd :P

My 24/7 :)

I went back home early after I got a call from mum. Walked back alone from Pavillion. Scary weyh , dah la the last time I was on the way back to KLCC there was this Bangla guy getting beat up by a group of punks. I was lucky nothing happened to me. Thank you god for making my perjalanan to KLCC safe :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Just dance !

Hey humans ,

This is an old video me and my siblings did like early of the year. HAHA.
Saje wanna post it for you people yg haven't watch it :D Enjoy

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bad Day

Hey humans ,
Yesterday I went to Cameron Towers for our drama party yang finally happened. Was kinda fun la. But sadly it just wasn't my day. While swimming I knocked my head 3 times. Fucking pain !
The first time was when I tried doing a backflip on Dinesh. I flipped at the same position and our head knocked each other. Freaking pain owh. Then the second time was when we were racing to see who reaches the other end first. So I was all semangated and I swam with my eyes closed so that the chlorine wont masuk my eyes. Dah tgh swim laju2 then my head knocked at the wall of the pool since my eyes were closed. I was the first to reach and the first to knock their head twice. The third time was when I tried doing another flip coz was so tak puas with the first one I did. Thought that the second try will be better but unfortunately again I landed at the same position and knocked my head with Dinesh's. So I gave up. Didn't want to knock my head for the forth time. HAHA. Dinesh was like holding his head the whole time coz dah sakit.
Kesian him owh. LOL. The party was fun la , we played futsal after swimming and played sum describing game. HAHA.Went back home and rest.

My nails were all black coz of the shoot and I had to remove it since had mengaji. So I msgd Hanisah nak borrow nail polish remover. So I drove to her house accompanied by my sister. Then went down the hill nak go to Hanisah's house. When I wanted to drive out , I got stuck coz the road was too narrow. So I decided to reverse all the way but everytime nak reverse the stupid car keeps on moving forward coz the hill was so steep. I changed seats with my sister since she knows how to balance the break. Susah gile babi owh just to get out of the compound. I was sweating like shit. Dah la my sis just got her P license and I dont even have a license. So after like half an hour we finally dapat kluar. HAHA. Then we switched back seats and my sister wanted to go to 7eleven. So I drove there smoothly. On the way back , we almost died. haha. From 7eleven to my house kene buat U turn. So during the turn the road looked clear. So I went straight to the outter lane. Then I didnt see the stupid car yang tgh speeding. He honked at me then I cepat2 move to the inner lane. Then I was all panick and I almost bang the pavement. LOL. Luckily me and my sister reached home safely. We were laughing like shit at home talking bout it , but it was shit scary weyh. HAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Precious Time

To my family and friends ,

If I should die tomorrow
I would never mean goodbye,
For I have my heart for all of you.
So don't you ever cry
This love that's deep within
will reach you from the stars.
You will feel it from the heavens ,
And it will heal the scars.

I love you.
So try to do your best ,
Don't turn away and close your mind,
Life's portion is a test.

Lately I have been kinda emotional . I don't know why. Since its the holidays , I have lots of free time to think and have another look at this life I'm living. I just keep looking back at the fun moments I had in my life and sadly knowing that it will all end sooner or later. I am so not ready to leave this life yet because I have lots more that I haven't accomplish and I just love my life so much. The conclusion is , act as if everyday is your last :) Tell the person you love that you love them , EVERYDAY.

If I die , will you cry ? LOL :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bye Bye Cellulites

Hey people ,
So today was so tiring , went to the gym at pan global together with Nat , Dionne , and Carrie.Worked out a lil' coz we were all semangated for the photo shoot tomorrow. LOL. So funny working out together weyh. The place was pretty cool , there were mirrors everywhere (me likey) . I had the pleasure of checking out how I look while working out. LOL. Then there was a squash court pun. Felt like dancing there weyh. HAHA.They checked my weight , height , blood pressure and amount of body fats. Unfortunately, my weight is still not satisfying -_- I have to work out more to reach the target that I'm aiming for and I wanna grow taller la. Must play basketball or just jump atleast 100 times a day. Thought of going to Mid after that , but my body smelt like shit and my hair was all messy. haha. So I didnt wanna go to Mid lookin' like crap. Went back home , took a shower , then Im here blogging now :) I find blogging so fun weyh. I dont know why I was so malas to update my old blog.

Shit weyh , for this holiday I havent even studied pun. The minute I touch my book , my brains will tibe2 log off and I'll be thinking of what to do after SPM like keeping my hair long , working part time , going on a vacation with my friends, etc. GRR ! I'm just over excited knowing its my last year of school -__- I feel so pressured knowing that other people are studying , but I just cant seem to concentrate and study myself. Hopefully after this holiday, I can finally focus on my studies. Time flies so fast. Feels like it was just yesterday that we were all so excited for the holidays , and now half of it's already gone in just a blink of an eye. Then school starts and the next thing I know I'm already married with 5 kids LOL !
Nahh , make it only 2 la. haha. So thats bout it , today was fun yet tiring :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Happy Birthday Priyy :)

Happy Birthday girl :) A good friend of mine. Hope you enjoy your 16th birthday. Let our friendship last as long as possible aite. Since you were standard 6 kan ? haha. May all your wishes come true. Cliche as always. LOL

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey yea !

So we did a video after we got back home from dinner.
Enjoy people :)

I ♥ Tony Roma's

Hey humans ,

My mum's birthday was on the 2nd of June, the day I got back from supercamp. Since the family was finally complete , we had a family outing to Sunway to celebrate her 50th birthday. Dah tua dah bdk nie. HAHA :P Its okay , you're still a cool mother eventhough you're old. So my mum made reservations at Tony Roma's , cause she was afraid it might be full. We walked around and bought a few stuff. I bought myself 2 pairs of shoes. A new pair of school shoes and sport shoes since my old ones look as if I'm sum dude yang duduk tepi jalan and minum air from the longkang. HAHA. So yeah , after that I just walked around and waited for my sister to buy stuff. Then it was only 7.20pm and we were all like freaking hungry cause we were saving our stomachs for a heavy dinner. Dah la the reservation was at 8pm. So I asked my mum to just buat muke tak malu and masuk la. HAHA. It was so worth not eating much at home weyh.
So mum ordered 2 sets of the 13 inch ribs , a big plate of salmon salad, 2 sets of loaf onion rings , and garlic bread. Damn , I felt like my stomach was gonna meletup. The ribs were awesome weyh. It was so soft and sweet. The meat didn't even get stuck between my teeth :D

The first bite felt like heaven. HAHA

The 13 inch ribs

The dinner was so worth it. We were all so full . The waiter kept asking us whether we wanted refills for our drink, but we kept refusing. My stomach was too full to consume anymore . So as usual , pictures are a MUST for every family outing :)

A picture with the birthday girl yang dah tua. HAHA .
Love you Mother :)

Us siblings , minus 1

The camwhoring continued at home. LOL.

It was kinda fun hanging out with the family. Its not always that the family is complete. So its a must for us to have an outing when we're complete :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


Supercamp was freakin awesome la. It was for 4 days n 3 nights. sounds kinda long but for me it ended so fast. There were activities after activities. which was fun and also tiring. My room mates was kakit and christopher. It was fun being room mates with them although me and kakit always bully chris. chill la chris , jangan marah tau. Saya main2 je. HAHA. Our whole floor was mostly us La sallians. So I spend most of the time hanging out in other peoples room . I was in group LMAO and i'm the group leader since nobody wanted to take charge. so yeah , the best part of supercamp was night time la. There will always b sumthin exciting to do at night. I had my EMO talk wit Budak jual DVD kakit , lepak in Budak Thailand and Jepun's room Aaron and Chun wei , laughin gas till my face turn red like a pig haha , running at the corridor with our boxers and scream like a girl , make up time wit dionne , and the dance floor although sum fucker when and elbow my face. HAHA. I love doing the obstacle course and low rope . I dont mind doing it again and again. haha. But I was hoping for something scary like going to the hutan malam2 or something that has to do with darkness. Cause i'm afraid of the dark -_- so at least bole overcome my fear. But it was worth it . Fun moments la , but kinda sad didn't take much photos. I was kinda sad 2 leave supercamp. I'm really gonna miss my life as an interactor although i didn't do shits as a vice president. haha. sorry Aaron :)

The only pictures I took during supercamp :D

Dhiren , me , kumaran , and uvendran at high rope.
Dragons were everywhere ! LOL

With Kakit , our so called make over. haha

Thailand kid didn't wanna be in the photo. LOL

I look like Pete Wentz weyh LOL

With Carrie Choo Chun Wei. HAHAHA :D

A RedzaRox Production