Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bad Day

Hey humans ,
Yesterday I went to Cameron Towers for our drama party yang finally happened. Was kinda fun la. But sadly it just wasn't my day. While swimming I knocked my head 3 times. Fucking pain !
The first time was when I tried doing a backflip on Dinesh. I flipped at the same position and our head knocked each other. Freaking pain owh. Then the second time was when we were racing to see who reaches the other end first. So I was all semangated and I swam with my eyes closed so that the chlorine wont masuk my eyes. Dah tgh swim laju2 then my head knocked at the wall of the pool since my eyes were closed. I was the first to reach and the first to knock their head twice. The third time was when I tried doing another flip coz was so tak puas with the first one I did. Thought that the second try will be better but unfortunately again I landed at the same position and knocked my head with Dinesh's. So I gave up. Didn't want to knock my head for the forth time. HAHA. Dinesh was like holding his head the whole time coz dah sakit.
Kesian him owh. LOL. The party was fun la , we played futsal after swimming and played sum describing game. HAHA.Went back home and rest.

My nails were all black coz of the shoot and I had to remove it since had mengaji. So I msgd Hanisah nak borrow nail polish remover. So I drove to her house accompanied by my sister. Then went down the hill nak go to Hanisah's house. When I wanted to drive out , I got stuck coz the road was too narrow. So I decided to reverse all the way but everytime nak reverse the stupid car keeps on moving forward coz the hill was so steep. I changed seats with my sister since she knows how to balance the break. Susah gile babi owh just to get out of the compound. I was sweating like shit. Dah la my sis just got her P license and I dont even have a license. So after like half an hour we finally dapat kluar. HAHA. Then we switched back seats and my sister wanted to go to 7eleven. So I drove there smoothly. On the way back , we almost died. haha. From 7eleven to my house kene buat U turn. So during the turn the road looked clear. So I went straight to the outter lane. Then I didnt see the stupid car yang tgh speeding. He honked at me then I cepat2 move to the inner lane. Then I was all panick and I almost bang the pavement. LOL. Luckily me and my sister reached home safely. We were laughing like shit at home talking bout it , but it was shit scary weyh. HAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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