Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad Luck !

Hey people ,

Today was such a bad day ! I went to school in the morning. When I reached school I saw M and he was like " Jom ah , we all going to kumz house ". Then I was like " Nah , nak belajar la , got addmaths summore ". Good boy ah , haha. Then during assembly , they suddenly decided to buat spot check like sum fuck. Then everybody started to panic ah. Yong with his PSP and almost everybody in my class brought their phone. I called Aaron to help me hide my phone knowing that they wont check the prefects. So I passed it to him inside my pencil box so it wouldn't seem obvious. It was all save already. Then we had to go in the middle of the field with all our bags left in the tarmac. Aaron followed us also because Kishan last minute wanted to give his phone to Aaron. Sum how the dicipline teacher saw Aaron holding my pencil box and he was shouting Aaron's name. Then we got caught -_- My phone, pencil case , all GONE . I didn't have my stationaries and no phone to look at the time. Now I'm phoneless till saturday or monday. GRR !
Sorry ah Aaron for getting you introuble . I feel damn guilty weyh -_-

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