Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boring Weekend

Hello earth community,

This weekend is so boring ! Spent every single second at home. Felt like dying ! Didn't go to school on saturday since my parents couldn't come and didn't want to be the last person to go back home. So slept at home, watched tv , online, ate like a pig and studied a lil :D Wanted to jog and sweat a lil but everytime I ade semangat to jog it will rain like shit. So I buat sit ups at home. HAHA :) I was cleaning up my room and I found my collection of Ferari toy cars . I spent like 2 hours playing with it. HAHA. Its so fun weyh. Well thats bout it la. The boring weekend.
Nothing much to talk about. Owh yeah then I was doing a lil studying till got a hold of the camera :D I started taking pictures like a whore.

The Adam Lambert pose :)

The Retro pose :)

The Kononnye sexy pose :)

The Smoke cigarettes to the bud pose :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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