Friday, June 19, 2009

Bridge to Terabithia

Hey people ,

Today I was bored to death in class while everybody was doing their own thing. So I lay down on 3 chairs combined and read Hazman's english essay. His whole essay was about this story and he got 40/50 and I only got 35/50. wth ? But his essay was interesting la. This story is so damn chunted la. I seriously don't mind watching it over and over again. Every single time I watch this movie , my eyes will be all watery. Its freaking sad weyh. Its about this boy who is a loner and he has no friends. Then this new girl just moved there . That girl was the first friend he's ever had. They both became best friends. They have this imagination that they own this kingdom called Terabithia (but its actually just a forest near their house) . Malas wanna tell the whole story , so ill just jump straight to the end. The girl died.

Its freaking sad weyh. Can you imagine ?! The only friend that boy actually had, DIED. He was crying all by himself. I dah watch this movie so many times. Everytime I watch this movie it will always be with Farah. Then when the girl dies , Farah and I will like start having watery eyes and we will look at each other's face and start laughing with our watery eyes. LOL. So sad la ! I love watching this movie. To you people that haven't watch this movie , you should :D

Yeah yeah , I cried. So what ? -_-

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