Monday, June 8, 2009

Bye Bye Cellulites

Hey people ,
So today was so tiring , went to the gym at pan global together with Nat , Dionne , and Carrie.Worked out a lil' coz we were all semangated for the photo shoot tomorrow. LOL. So funny working out together weyh. The place was pretty cool , there were mirrors everywhere (me likey) . I had the pleasure of checking out how I look while working out. LOL. Then there was a squash court pun. Felt like dancing there weyh. HAHA.They checked my weight , height , blood pressure and amount of body fats. Unfortunately, my weight is still not satisfying -_- I have to work out more to reach the target that I'm aiming for and I wanna grow taller la. Must play basketball or just jump atleast 100 times a day. Thought of going to Mid after that , but my body smelt like shit and my hair was all messy. haha. So I didnt wanna go to Mid lookin' like crap. Went back home , took a shower , then Im here blogging now :) I find blogging so fun weyh. I dont know why I was so malas to update my old blog.

Shit weyh , for this holiday I havent even studied pun. The minute I touch my book , my brains will tibe2 log off and I'll be thinking of what to do after SPM like keeping my hair long , working part time , going on a vacation with my friends, etc. GRR ! I'm just over excited knowing its my last year of school -__- I feel so pressured knowing that other people are studying , but I just cant seem to concentrate and study myself. Hopefully after this holiday, I can finally focus on my studies. Time flies so fast. Feels like it was just yesterday that we were all so excited for the holidays , and now half of it's already gone in just a blink of an eye. Then school starts and the next thing I know I'm already married with 5 kids LOL !
Nahh , make it only 2 la. haha. So thats bout it , today was fun yet tiring :D

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