Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class of 2008/2009 :)

Song Chin Vern
He enjoys playing with his hands and eats biscuits for recess :)

Even the gangsters are afraid to mess with him :)

Alan Ong
If the interact club goes green-er , then Alan turns into HULK.
Coz he sells sayur at every single pasar in Malaysia :)

Vincent Lee
Do not disturb him while washing his hands , or he'll say
"I'm washing my hand la FUCK !". LOL :)

Yong Ching Ming
People thinks he's looking at his crotch. But he's actually playing
with his PSP :)

Daniel Ong
You blink at him once and he'll blink 100 times back :)

He's the shortest boy in 5k. Got spammed like crazy. You get what I mean ? :)

Tong Beng Hua
Mr Tong junior. His a pro in bio ( Reproduction part) :)

Chandra Rau
The best penanam rambut. That's how he grew his hair so fast :)

He is the only person that has the stamina to run from Malaysia to London.
Enjoys debating with teachers :)

Teh Loon Xian
His water was finished due to Pn Sheela washing her hand :)

Azreel Ariff
He is related to Sandy in Spongebob coz his a TUPAI. But when you look at him
properly , he actually looks like a CICAK . LOL :)

He's the bear of 5k. He hybernates for every subject and only wakes up when
there is Kadet Polis stuff :)

Aaron Ashton Loh
He is the only transfer student in 5 k. He's from Thailand and he carries a gun everywhere he goes, BE CAREFUL ! :)

Choo Chun Wei
The most matured Jepun Boy in our class and the best pokemon trainer.
I choose you pikachu chun wei ! Gotta catch em all ! :P

Looi Mun Fai
He has the best futsal team in the world. They can beat ABSOLUTE anytime. LOL :)

Darren Gomez
He has the lips of Fantasia Burino plus Angelina Jolie. Lick them lips :P

The person that always plays with his janggut. Don't mess with him coz he
might just silat you anytime :)

Gurjant Singh
He is so tall till he can just walk over Hazman without knowing :)

Sasi Kumar
Our very own vaccum cleaner. He seduts everything he sees :)

Don't make him angry , coz his eye balls might just pop out anytime :)

Arwhin Kalai
He is the head prefect of La Salle. He wears perfume yang berjenama " KUNYIT" :)

Madhu Suthran
MJ once wrote a song bout him , "black and white ". He can camel flush
anywhere, anytime :)

The ketua class that was born in a carpet shop at Pasar Seni. Till today , he still promotes his carpet :)

He has hair everywhere ! He's the father of 5k together with his wife Chandra :)

Prem Kumar

More like Thevamuthu GANAS. He's a playboy in Tmn Petaling LOL. :)

Last but not least Malek Redza
HMMMM, AISSSH, malas je nak bangga. LOL ! :)

Don't terasa tau. You guys know I'm just joking.
NOT ! HAHA. Well , that's the 5 kuning that have
been making my school life freaking awesome :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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