Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day Trip to KL

Hey people ,

A few days back I went to Kl with a few other guys just to hang out la. Its been a long time since I last hung out with them. From KLCC to Pavillion . Was planning to shisha but most of the places were contaminated with rempits , budget people, girls that think their hot and ugly sluts. LOL. We didn't want to share the same air as them. So tak jadi la, we just walked around and chilled at Old Town White Coffee. There was like this metal thing yg ade sugar inside it for people to add sugar to their coffee. I didn't have anything to do till I decided to suck sugar out from the metal thingy through a straw. HAHA. Was so fun owh, but i eventually stopped coz takut dapat kencing manis. Since we had nothing much to do , we decided to camwhore like whores. LOL. But it was really fun la , people were looking at us thinking we're real models having a photoshoot. HAHA. So here are a few pictures taken by Acap , our photographer for the day :D

Spot the stomach , haha

Our private studio :D

Damn , I look like Kakit's gang yg jual Dvd :P

My 24/7 :)

I went back home early after I got a call from mum. Walked back alone from Pavillion. Scary weyh , dah la the last time I was on the way back to KLCC there was this Bangla guy getting beat up by a group of punks. I was lucky nothing happened to me. Thank you god for making my perjalanan to KLCC safe :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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