Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Durian Runtuh

Hello Pokemon Trainers :P

Shit weyh ! I have been craving for durian like hell. So my dad asked his worker to send 2 big bags of durian today. And as usual , I ate as if there's no tomorrow. LOL. Bnyak gile babi owh. I
ate like 2 and a half durian by myself. Sedap giler babi weyh ! I think now I can qualify to masuk biggest loser -_- . I calculated my BMI just now since we weighed and measured our self during PJK. Damn , I'm still not fit. Need to grow taller and loose a lil more weight. I'm gonna start jogging again la with Putra. I was damn rajin last time till I stopped coz of the mid term exam. Esok la , I'm just gonna run baby run , and don't ever look back . HAHA :D

Six pack here I come , NOT. haha

A RedzaRox Production :)

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