Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kumz-Mahai :D

Happy Birthday ! I've known this boy since I was like 4 years old ? HAHA. Slalu shit in the pants and my mum had to send him back home. LOL. The good old days. Its good that were still friends till now. Dah besar dah Si Kumaran nie :P Today , we went to his house to suprise him for his birthday. There was me , Gomez , Mun Fai , Dhiren , Nichole , Bernie , Tanisha ,Amani , Carmen and Mel J. The girls went home rite after eating the cake. Then us guys lepakd and played guitar hero :) Then kumz told me that his brothers friend left a shisha tong in his house. So we decided to shisha la. Homemade shisha by gomez and mun fai. Not bad la , can bukak kedai dekat Bkt OUG in the future. haha. Lepak, shisha , guitar hero and talked till like 5.45 and Went back home. Had fun la hisap shisha since it has been quiet sum time :)

Owh and Aaron loh , I see your true colours edi :P Dah ade swine flu nak pegang2 org.
HAHAHAHAHA. Nahh , just kidding la apek. I knw ur NOT like that :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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