Sunday, June 7, 2009

I ♥ Tony Roma's

Hey humans ,

My mum's birthday was on the 2nd of June, the day I got back from supercamp. Since the family was finally complete , we had a family outing to Sunway to celebrate her 50th birthday. Dah tua dah bdk nie. HAHA :P Its okay , you're still a cool mother eventhough you're old. So my mum made reservations at Tony Roma's , cause she was afraid it might be full. We walked around and bought a few stuff. I bought myself 2 pairs of shoes. A new pair of school shoes and sport shoes since my old ones look as if I'm sum dude yang duduk tepi jalan and minum air from the longkang. HAHA. So yeah , after that I just walked around and waited for my sister to buy stuff. Then it was only 7.20pm and we were all like freaking hungry cause we were saving our stomachs for a heavy dinner. Dah la the reservation was at 8pm. So I asked my mum to just buat muke tak malu and masuk la. HAHA. It was so worth not eating much at home weyh.
So mum ordered 2 sets of the 13 inch ribs , a big plate of salmon salad, 2 sets of loaf onion rings , and garlic bread. Damn , I felt like my stomach was gonna meletup. The ribs were awesome weyh. It was so soft and sweet. The meat didn't even get stuck between my teeth :D

The first bite felt like heaven. HAHA

The 13 inch ribs

The dinner was so worth it. We were all so full . The waiter kept asking us whether we wanted refills for our drink, but we kept refusing. My stomach was too full to consume anymore . So as usual , pictures are a MUST for every family outing :)

A picture with the birthday girl yang dah tua. HAHA .
Love you Mother :)

Us siblings , minus 1

The camwhoring continued at home. LOL.

It was kinda fun hanging out with the family. Its not always that the family is complete. So its a must for us to have an outing when we're complete :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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