Monday, June 22, 2009

In Africa's Shoes.

Yellow people ,

Last Saturday I went to Assunta's IU and carnival. It was fun :D At first it was raining but luckily they were smart to do their IU first then only the carnival. So by the time the IU finished the rain had stop. Well done Assuntarians :P So me and Aaron went there around 9.45am and it was drizzling. Lucky my hair didn't rosak. Then we went in and met with my fellow friends. Every person I jumpe will notice my pimple. HAHA. So fucked up. Then watched the performances. I like the kononnye stomp the yard one :D
Then after the IU we went to the carnival and walked around. Round and round we went. We spent most of our time at the kedai air la since Bones was selling water. HAHA. Then I played gladiator with CJ An Chan :) was fun weyh wacking his head lots of time. Chill la CJ , you yg ajak me play with you kan. So I did my best la LOL. Fear Factor was so gelik weyh -_- Felt like puking , but I was strong. haha. Most of the contestant were from La Salle. They dig through the worms and ate grasshopper yg dah mati and smell like shit for the first round. Kakit and Kumz ate it as if it was twisties or sumthing. Respect you guys for that :D I didnt get to see the second round . So tak tau la who won. The dunk in was chun la, Bernie and Navina were the ones yg sat on it. I went back early coz had to go home for fathers day celebration since my dad has to go back the next morning. So I went back around 3. When I reached home my dad was sleeping. So all of us went to his room with a cake and woke him up la. "Happy Fathers day father nature ! ". HAHA. Then dah makan cake and all I straight went to sleep. So tired owh . I went back home looking like a pig weyh , SUNBURN !
Then woke up at night and online as usual. It was like 1.30am and I couldnt sleep. So I watched Yes Man on my sis nye laptop. SO funneyh ! I was laughing my ass off owh. Maybe I should start saying Yes to everything and see my luck. haha. Then slept around 3.30 am.

Gang Gang Lalat , HAHA

When I decided to be gay , LOL

Tak banyak picture coz someone's camera had low batt :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

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