Friday, June 5, 2009


Hey humans :)

I opened a new blog account cause i forgot my old account nye email n password since I only had
one post at my last blog. haha. was so lazy 2 update last time. so now I tibe2 got the semangat of bloggin. so yeah. Im still a noob at blogging , not pro yet. Im just like a baby trying to do a back flip LOL. I wanna do a little introduction of myself for the people who dont know me yet :)

This is me :)
I am Malek Redza Bin Zainal. Most of my friends call me Malek and my family calls me Redza. You can call me whatever you want .Im 17 years old and getting an education in smk La Salle. I live in section 5 PJ. Its really near with my school. I am a person who is really into fashion(metrosexual) I take pictures of myself when I am bored. Enjoys playing foosball and bowling. Very loud person and I dont really care what people say bout me. I am an ordinary
guy wit extra fats. My hair is the most important thing. For now my hair is normal but wait and see my hair after spm. HAHA. It will be long an straight like adam lambert :D well , thats all I can say bout myself . If you wanna know more you will just have to see for yourself. haha.

A RedzaRox Production :)


  1. alamaakkkk "boyfriend" aku nie dah ada blog ! HAHAHA