Friday, June 26, 2009

Lizard oh Lizard !

Hey people,
Today is so the kelakor LOL. I went to school and there were only half of the class present. The others didn't come due to Transformer the movie. HAHA. So it was cards and pokemon the whole day for me. Such a waste of time rite ? After recess we had mod maths with Mr Ang. I was playing tie tee la, 5 buck around with Hazman-dul and Specky since we didn't have anything to do. Then we realized that there was a freaking huge lizard yang dah mati at the back of our seats. So me and Hazman-dul screamed like hell saje wanna create havoc. LOL. Azreel jumped on the chair like a TUPAI and I just moved away. The teacher then came to us to see whats going on. Then he picked it up and put the dead lizard on the teachers table(weird !). HAHA. After his period ended , every teacher that came to our class screamed looking at the dead lizard. LOL. Then as usual I will laugh and clap my hands.HAHA. So it was Pn Suguna and Pn Zabariah. They were cool about it la. The last period was english. Before the teacher came in , Azreel the tupai went and move the dead lizard in the middle of the teachers table to see how the teacher would react. When she came in , she screamed and everybody laughed their ass off. I stood on the table and shouted " Gottcha ! ". HAHA. It was really funny la. Then the english teacher thought that it was a fake lizard and she actually picked it up and smell it , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Then everybody was like "Teacher ! its real ! We found it at the back of the class ! ". She automatically threw it back on the table. She took Teh's full bottle of water and quickly washed her hands. And she goes " U guys are such idiots ! Low mentality ! ". Everybody dah mule takut , and I as usual continued laughing my ass off. She gave me the stare and I still continued LOL. :P Then her mood changed automatically. When the bell rang , she stopped everyone from going back home. She said that no one leaves the class unless sumone admits that they put the lizard there. She was ready to report it to the principle dah. Everybody dah takut gile babi and didn't want to reveal who did it. I still continued laughing coz its so damn fucking funny ! HAHA. So at last , Azreel the tupai admitted that he was the one who did it. I went back home laughing , laughing and laughing. LOL. Such a fun day la. Something I will remember my whole life :)

Owh yeah , RIP Micheal Jackson . I'm gonna miss your nose :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

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