Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Precious Time

To my family and friends ,

If I should die tomorrow
I would never mean goodbye,
For I have my heart for all of you.
So don't you ever cry
This love that's deep within
will reach you from the stars.
You will feel it from the heavens ,
And it will heal the scars.

I love you.
So try to do your best ,
Don't turn away and close your mind,
Life's portion is a test.

Lately I have been kinda emotional . I don't know why. Since its the holidays , I have lots of free time to think and have another look at this life I'm living. I just keep looking back at the fun moments I had in my life and sadly knowing that it will all end sooner or later. I am so not ready to leave this life yet because I have lots more that I haven't accomplish and I just love my life so much. The conclusion is , act as if everyday is your last :) Tell the person you love that you love them , EVERYDAY.

If I die , will you cry ? LOL :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

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