Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunway Lagoon

Hello kitty :)

So last week, we went to Sunway lagoon , our last outing for the holidays. It was fun la. Just got the pictures so baru nak update :D I went to Sunway around 11 since Kakit said to be there by 11. As usual , I'm a very punctual person :D Kakit with his Malaysian timing arrived around 11.40. Lepaked at KFC and ate there coz the food in the theme park mahal babi. HAHA. So went in the theme park and spent almost the whole day there. We rode the ship yang turns 360 , the spinning cup that almost made me muntah , the shoe , the rapids and the stupid bull thingy . We spent most of our time at the wet park la , just laying around in the water and doing stupid stuff. Kacau two small malay girls , then I practiced my water bending since I am the last avatar , haha. Then Krithan and Aaron stole two floats for us . HAHA. Then Sean was so kind and gave the float back to sum Arabian boy. LOL. Then after Lagoon , we went to Mr Tepanyaki in Pyramid since we were all freaking hungry. After eating we met up wit Thai boy at Sakae sushi then we headed to Kumz house. Thai boy together with Noelle , Carmen and Amani joined us later. Played guitar hero , got high on laughing gas (sorry krithan , later kumz will buy you a new one ) and Kumz made sum stupid joke bout Carmen. Fucking funny weyh ! HAHA. Then went back home around 10.45 , Thai boy's mummy sent me back coz malas wanna walk back home. Then got back home and mum said that this is my last outing till after SPM. Hmm , we'll see :P So here are the pictures , sikit je

The ship , Kumz is afraid of heights :P

Krithan learning how to swim :P

Spot the stomach, haha

Noelle , me and Carmen

No one was at home :D

With Coco crunch bear , HAHAHAHHA

A RedzaRox Production :)

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