Friday, June 5, 2009


Supercamp was freakin awesome la. It was for 4 days n 3 nights. sounds kinda long but for me it ended so fast. There were activities after activities. which was fun and also tiring. My room mates was kakit and christopher. It was fun being room mates with them although me and kakit always bully chris. chill la chris , jangan marah tau. Saya main2 je. HAHA. Our whole floor was mostly us La sallians. So I spend most of the time hanging out in other peoples room . I was in group LMAO and i'm the group leader since nobody wanted to take charge. so yeah , the best part of supercamp was night time la. There will always b sumthin exciting to do at night. I had my EMO talk wit Budak jual DVD kakit , lepak in Budak Thailand and Jepun's room Aaron and Chun wei , laughin gas till my face turn red like a pig haha , running at the corridor with our boxers and scream like a girl , make up time wit dionne , and the dance floor although sum fucker when and elbow my face. HAHA. I love doing the obstacle course and low rope . I dont mind doing it again and again. haha. But I was hoping for something scary like going to the hutan malam2 or something that has to do with darkness. Cause i'm afraid of the dark -_- so at least bole overcome my fear. But it was worth it . Fun moments la , but kinda sad didn't take much photos. I was kinda sad 2 leave supercamp. I'm really gonna miss my life as an interactor although i didn't do shits as a vice president. haha. sorry Aaron :)

The only pictures I took during supercamp :D

Dhiren , me , kumaran , and uvendran at high rope.
Dragons were everywhere ! LOL

With Kakit , our so called make over. haha

Thailand kid didn't wanna be in the photo. LOL

I look like Pete Wentz weyh LOL

With Carrie Choo Chun Wei. HAHAHA :D

A RedzaRox Production


  1. fuhh. damn awesome ah. since when my name got two N's? :)