Friday, June 19, 2009

Ticking Ticking

Thai boy got skill's huh ? :D

Hey Arnold !

Its been like 3 days since I have last updated my blog. Takkan wanna let my blog drop dead je , so ape lagi ? Update la kan. haha. One week of school have just ended after two whole weeks of holiday. I felt like I wasted my sleeping time going to school la. We did practically nothing accept for B.m , BIO ( we studied reproduction, very interesting :D) and getting our results. My results for this exam sucks weyh. I must seriously start studying -_- So the whole week was full with mafia game in class , tie tee la, 5 buck around, HAHA , making noise in class , berborak- borak with friends , playing sum laughing game , playing pokemon yellow( chun wei dah jadi pokemon trainer ! Go Chun Wei , Gotta catch em all ! :P) , buat as if my lidah is my lips HAHA , everybody tibe2 noticed that I have a big forehead (normal size la weyh ! ) , and that's bout it la.
This week we also had our elections for the new interact board. Our days are over 08/09 :) But chill la , we still have one last event which is our IU . I had a blast living my life as an interactor. Interact is so damn awesome la ! Meeting new people , going through lots of experience , performing for ICC 08 , then going around Sentul buying every single bread from every shop , laughing gas during supercamp, eating mee hun during ICC meetings at BB using plates yg tak pernah basuh LOL and many more la. If I would want to write it all , It will take me forever :D I'm gonna miss being an interactor . Good luck to the incoming board ! Hope you guys will do a great job with Amsyar the BOMB as your president and Yew Wing the muscle boy as your vice . HAHA. I'm so gonna ask my children's to join interact club in the future. LOL.

Owh yeah , suddenly we talked about pick up lines in class. So here is my fav one,
"Does your dad work in a bakery ? Coz I sure like your Buns."

A RedzaRox Production :)

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