Sunday, June 14, 2009

Us Lambert family :)

Hey humans ,

Recently, me, Carrie , Natt Loo and Kakit, the Lambert family decided to do a photoshoot, 'Lambert' style for fun. So I suggested to do the shoot at Pudu Jail . Coz the area is so chunted and the surroundings are perfect for the set of the shoot. Kee Jun fetched me and Kakit from my house and we headed off to pudu. The minute we reached there we got started with the make up, handled by our chunted make up artist Dionne :) The weather that day was freakin hot , dah la all of us were wearing black with leather jacket summore. The girls got all creeped out about the fact that the place was an old jail. So we started with the shoot immediately coz we didn't wanna miss Yew Wing's suprise birthday. Happy Birthday muscle boy. Kakit brought two cameras. So Dionne helped snap a few pictures since Kakit also wanted to be in the photos. HAHA. We took like gile babi banyak photos. Then we all ciao-ed and went to Mr Raj's shop with all the make up and black nails since everybody was so hungry. Lepak there for a while , then got called "bapok" a few times by Raj. HAHA, then went to Natt's house to wash up. I took the opportunity to do my hair at her place :D Then we all went straight to MidV . I didn't bawak any extra clothes to change , so I just wore what i wore for the shoot minus the chains and all la. HAHA. Masuk je MidV everybody started staring at us like we're sum freaks. haha. Then went to pasta sumthing and jumpe everyone there. Later on , half of them went for a movie , and the rest of us lepaked at Mcd and minum air je. haha. borak2 then went to brewball to have a smoke with kevin then went back to Mcd . Lepak2 then went back home. Kee Jun sent me home. Thanks weyh :D
Was so excited to see the pictures , But sadly the penjual Dvd , Kakit nye camera memory rosak. So like half of the pictures were gone -__- So frustrated weyh ! Dah la got quite banyak chunted pictures in his camera. I just got them yesterday since Kakit was too busy selling Dvd. HAHA :P There're not many pictures coz Kakit said that he only picked the best pictures. Most of the pictures' exposure cacat so he didnt edit. Here are the pictures yang begitu sedikit LOL,

At Pasta sumthing

Yew Wing's birthday cake :)

Such a Madworld :P

With the two female models :P

My fav picture , but cant see my face -_-

Without the leather jacket since I felt as if I was in hell, LOL

The lightings were awesome , good job Kakit :D

Adam Lambert is my freaking idol weyh. His style and the way he sings. So wtf if he's gay ?! He tak kacau your mum berak kan ? HAHAHAH :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

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