Friday, July 31, 2009

Best of friday night

Hello people,

Went to school today. I don't usually go to school on fridays but I pity my sejarah teacher la. She's trying to finish up the syllabus and half of the class is always absent on friday. haha. Since I'm such a good student , I went to school today :) Suprisingly Mun Fai came. After school went for sembahyang jumaat. Then went to dropzone for a while. Damn , I lost my touch in foos . Dropzone is getting boring nowdays. It used to be fun but not anymore. Chawed early and rested at home. Mum ajak me follow her to Curve so that I can accompany her for bowling. So I ajaked Irfan the random dude to come along. Lepaked , foosed , fagged , ate and walked around. Was fun la , chit chatting and updating each other since we are good friends since a long long time ago. He was so amazed that my mum was cool with us smoking. HAHA. Apa la lu mamat :P On our way back , there were so banyak road block since there's like this Security Demonstration thingy tommorrow . So yeah. Reached home at 11.45pm. Sent Irfan back and back home resting my fat ass while blogging :)

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

All I have to give

Hey Humans ,

Long time no see :) Have been kinda busy lately with things. Lots of work , lack of sleep and much more la. Havent got the chance to use the computer too. Here I am with an update :)

Skipped assembly due to my bangun lambat problem. Damn I hate mondays. haha. Played PJK in school. Then stayed back after school for the inter class badminton tournament. The tournament was kinda lame la. My class sent 2 doubles team which was me and Kishan and the other team was Aaron and Sasi. Masuk je the tournament we straight went to semi final cause the classes we're suppose to play against didn't come. haha. So in the semis , both of our team won againts 5Oren. Was a good game la , laughing at them :P During the finals , we were againts 3Merah. Me and Kishan won but Aaron and Sasi lost. So it was a draw. To know who wins , we had to play singles. Dah la their team got a boy who plays for school. So obviously we lost. But it was a fun game la. Then Aaron and Kakit came over to my place. As usual , tie tee it is. HAHA. Thats bout it.

Went to school as usual. Then got all semangated to study since the Sejarah teacher gave us a talk bout reaching our stars and all. I get really inspired when I hear talks. haha. Went back home , rested for a while and started studying. Studied for like 2 hours then Kakit called me. He was like "Malek , where are you ? I'm at Chezz the salon beside our school. I wanna get a haircut but I malu wanna masuk coz theres a lot of girls". HAHA. Since I'm such a good friend , I stopped studying and walked down to Chezz to accompany him. Did lots of stupid stuff there la. With Kakit asking the hair dresser stupid questions. He keeps telling the hair dresser the same thing again and again , "I'm sick of barber haircut la. So I wanna try something new". haha. And the people will just smile. A normal hair cut is usually like 10 bucks je. Guess how much did Kakit's hair cut cost ? 50 bucks. haha. Kakit was like " Shit la , my dad is gonna fuck me. Now I dont even know how to go back home. My duit dah habis." HAHAAHAHA. His hair is okay la , got style . But if he kept it a lil more longer can do more different styles. So funny la how much people nowdays would spend just for a hair cut. I don't even go to salons or barbers to get a hair cut. I'll just ask my sis to cut it for me :) Easier la , coz I know her , so its easy for me to tell her the way I want my hair to look like. Cash used for my hair cut = Rm O :)

School as usual. The minute we reached school , me, Gomez and Kishan was called to the principle's office due to the stupid things we did for our class caption. HAHA. Waited for a while outside the office just to see her. Practiced our lines on what to say and all. haha. Then the moment arrived. Went in and just listened to what she has to say. We had nothing much to say coz its also our mistake . But nowadays small things are becoming a big deal. It was all fair la. Atleast she gave face to us. 24 hours to get our captions ready. It became like a competition for us. Competing with the Nerds to do a better caption. The news on what we did spread like fire amongst the teachers. The minute they see the 3 of us , and they will go " owh , you guys are the 3 ones eh ?". All we could do was to smile at them. So got home and spent like so freaking long thinking on what good things to say bout the people in our class. I tried my best to make it sound not LAME. haha. Finally we completed our task :)

Went to school had sum ceramah for pelajar Islam. Then headed to class. So Kishan brought the pendrive to school with the captions in it. Went to see the principle to give her the captions but she wanted it printed. So we went all around the school trying different computers. The documents in the pendrive could only be opened with windows 2007 and every single computer in school is not newer then windows 2003. Like wth ? haha. Spent almost the whole day walking around the school , finding teachers and checking out every single computer and the result was NOTHING. So we just gave it to Hazman the boy who lives beside school to help us print it out. When it was all done , school ended already. All we could do was just to give it to her tomorrow. Stayed back for addmaths extra class. Damn la , it is so complicating la. After addmaths went to the hall for badminton. My weekly exercise. Was damn fun la. The teamwork between me and Kishan was awesome. We're still unbeatable :) haha. Then went back home with Kishan and finished up the homework that we havent done and watched Fired up since Kishan haven't watch it. haha. I slept half way coz was so tired. Then he woke me up to say goodbye. So sweet kan ? haha. Here I am , finally getting to blog. haha.

Will keep you people updated soon aite :) Have to go for tuition now. Owh and babe if you're reading this , I havent top up yet tau. HAHA. Will message you once I've done. Love yuh :)

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Monday, July 27, 2009

What Makes you Different

Baby, you're all that I want
When you're lying here in my arms,
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need,
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fashion is my Passion

Hey ,

Today was a good day for me. Woke up in the morning for mengaji. Then watched sum Thai Ghost movie. Was hoping to see Aaron Loh in the movie , but till the end of the movie tak nampak pun -_- HAHAHA. Maybe he is hiding behind the ghost or sumthing. haha. So after that , I had a photoshoot session with my very own photographer Farah Rabiah and The clothing in the pictures are my very own idea of fashion :D As you people can see , my header is a picture from our shoot. Here are sum pics for you people to see , I don't know why but I'm excited LOL.

So these pictures here , I'm wearing a long black skinny (Rm 100) , a black singlet (Rm 30) inside and a vest (Rm50) I bought in Romp. A vintage black shades (Cant remember the price) and an Aladdin style of shoe ( Rm 80).

This is my fav picture :) Farah you rock !
So these picture here are all the same outfit as the above but without the vest :)

So here I'm wearing the same pants , shades and shoe. The shirt is a shirt I bought from FOS (Rm 50) and the vintage looking hat is from Topshop (Rm 70)

There's actually so much more pictures but it will take me ages to upload it all. So these are like only a quarter of it. I'll be posting one for every post in the future aite :) If you realised , Ive made this post look like "LookBook ". Hope you guys enjoy it. It is obvious that I have a thing for fashion. To you people who dont like it , say what you want to say. Like what Ive always said before , I don't care :)

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Use Somebody

Happy Saturday people :)

Today was freaking tiring . Woke up early in the morning to join Hanisah and gang for a jog at Bukit Gasing. We took the long track coz ingatkan nak go to the river. But we couldn't find the stupid river so we ended up just going to the nearest exit since everybody was already exhausted. It was like a 1 and a half hour walk in the hutan. Had breakfast at Raju's and saw quite a number of 5 Oren dudes washing car. haha. Then all of us went to Anysa's house and lepaked there . After that Marcus sent me home and I straight away fell asleep. Penat gile babi weyh , dah la my stomach sakit gile. Feels like I have appendix -_- The pain is just on the right side. Woke up and watched TV. Later on , two of my aunts came to visit us since dah lame tak mengeratkan silaturahim. haha.

Watched sum cheerleading movie called "Fired Up". Awesome shit la. You guys should watch it. Its freaking funny :) At night I followed my parents to Carefour to buy groceries since there was nothing better to do at home. There was like a sale for Sushi there , so ape lagi kan ? Amik banyak-banyak. Then the sister tibe2 felt like eating Macaroni and Cheese at KFC. So we went to the drive through and ate at home. Hmm , it was just okay. Nothing special bout the Macaroni. That's bout it for today , nothing much :)

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Foos Foos

Hello ,

Woke up late today since I stayed up for a movie marathon by myself yesterday. Got up , showered and headed to the masjid for sembahyang jumaat. Met up with Putra and Hazman at the masjid. After that , instead of going to Dropzone, I went to Kelana Jaya together with Putra and Rambo to Foos. The place was chunted weyh , the table there is just like Asia Cafe and the best part is tak banyak orang. Its like a mini Asia Cafe with two Snooker tables. Got aunties and grandpas playing Mahjong and all. haha. It was so weird coz we were the only ones who weren't Cina. But what the heck la kan , I'm like always the only malay. haha . Spent like the whole afternoon there. After we got back from Kelana Jaya , we lepaked at the mamak. Like what Ive said before , its our daily routine :)
Balik rumah and watched "P S I Love you". Awesome movie la. Nowadays I'm always so semangated to watch movies. Tak kesah la old ones or new. Hmm guess what , I'm gonna watch another movie marathon tonite with the siblings. HUHU. Oh , hello SPM :)

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A Movie marathon

Hey people,

Such a long tiring day weyh. Went to school , stayed back for addmaths extra class and played badminton till late afternoon. School was kinda satisfying la. All the students in 5k gave the head prefect a beating since it was the day the prefects stepped down :) Played badminton together with Kishan and Sasi. The funniest shit happened during badminton just now. There were a group of form 6 cina girls playing badminton. It was like a 2 on 1 game. I was waiting for them to finish their game so we can use the court. The shuttlecock flew high then the girl wanted to smash it and the shuttlecock hit her partners head. I started laughing like shit and the girl yg kene hit dah malu gile. HAHAHA. And she was like "don't laugh la boy" when she herself was laughing. Funny shits la. Then went back home , played cards with Kishan and chit chat while waiting for Mr Gunalan to come pick him up. Once Kishan left , I showered and went for addmaths tuition. I was freaking sleepy. No matter how many freaking sticks I smoked , it still couldnt keep me awake. All I wanted to do was just sleep. Finished tution at 10 pm and reached home at 10.45pm. Straight away lied down on my bed. When I dah lie down comfortably , I didn't feel like sleeping. WTF weyh ? haha. So I decided to have a movie marathon since my sister downloaded lots of new chunted movies in her lap top. Besides that is bcoz I'm not going to school tomorrow. I feel like , Fridays in school is like a waste of time :)

First movie was 17 again. Damn la , I fell in love with Zac Efron's style of clothing. I don't know why , but I am just a guy who is into fashion. Call me gay or whatever , all I know is that your just jealous coz your style sucks :P The movie was awesome. I felt so happy watching that movie till I smiled the whole time LOL.

The second movie was Gaduh. A Malaysian movie bout students fighting in school. Malay against Chinese. haha. Watched it before at dropzone , but just felt like watching it again. The words they use in the movie was chunted la. " Cine babi ! berak tak basuh !". HAHAHAHA. But I'm glad that I didn't turn out to be those kind of Malays. My friends come in different colours and different countries, HAHA :P

The third movie was Hannah Montana the movie. The movie was just okay la , nothing exciting . The movie downloaded kinda suck. So I just watched it half way. haha. Slept at 5.30 in the morning . Ingatkan nak go get ready for school straight but nahh :) So I just went to bed. The weekend is here and I shall watch more movies. haha.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

50th ! :)

Selamat pagi , hello :)

Today is another ordinary day in school. Had fun disturbing the class teacher. She asked me to sit at another seat so that the 4 guys that didn't come on Friday can do their English work without copying . Was playing tie tee , so me and Kishan just sat there and finished the game cepat2. Tibe2 she screamed like freaking loud . Then we burst out laughing. haha. She is so funny when she screams. Lagi2 when there is a cicak on the teachers table. HAHA. Me and Kishan had fun kacau-ing Gomez the Lips. We just looked at him and waited for him to look back. When he looked at us , we just start laughing. HAHAHA. That's the plan la. The best part is that he thinks were talking bout him :) Went back home , ate lunch and headed to the library to finish up my chem homework and studied a lil. Was all alone at the lib , coz I know if I'm with my friends I'll just end up doing nothing and just talk. So yeah . So stupid weyh , at the library there were this group of stupid Malay girls that couldn't shut the fuck up. They were talking so loud and not doing anything berfaedah. For them the library is like a place to lepak with their friends coz they haven't discovered the existence of a mall. I think these people tak cukup perhatian ibu bapa , so they try to be the center of attention.

Went to dropzone after that. Played Foosball and waited for anak Azmi to come. When he reached old town , we headed to the mamak and met up with Putra the transfer student. LOL. Took safety precautions and sat inside the mamak so that the stupid birds cant shit on me. Lepaked till like 7 pm and met up with Eone and Nidzam. Lepak with them for a while and went back home . So damn tired weyh. Watched are you smarter then a 5th grader. There was this one girl. So freaking smart , she answered all the questions as if it was a 1+1 question. She reached the 500,000 $ question and she took the risk and answered the 1 million $ question. But she didn't know the answer and she flunked out. So wasted weyh ! Dah la her father knew the answer for the million $ question. Grrr ! "I'm a celebrity , get me out of here ! ". Heidi and Spencer are so stupid weyh ! First they wanted to get out of there like crazy , then nak masuk balik. Like WTF ?! haha. Overall , the show was good. Bye bye Angela :)

Owh yeah , its my 50th post. HUHU ! Tepuk la tangan :P

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Monday, July 20, 2009

So Close

Today is just a normal day. Nothing exciting happened besides getting shit by a bird. haha. Went school late. Skipped assembly due to my bangun lambat problem. Played PJK , bang kaw the one guy that I'm so annoyed with till he emo-ed the whole day. Who cares la kan ? :) Then sang my fav song , "hotel of California" where there's a lot of rooms , a lot of bed , for you and for me. HAHAHAHAHAHAH . Berborak dgn my indian friend dari standard 1, anak Gunalan. Balik rumah and slept. Woke up , watched brothers and sisters , emo sikit watch that show. haha. Then I felt so rajin and started cleaning up my house , wash the dishes and cooked dinner for the family. I know I'm so sweet kan. haha. Went for a jog and lepaked mamak with Putra Wayan pelajar dari Endon. Got shit by a stupid ugly bird. Jogged back home and waited for my mum and Farah to buka puasa. Joined them makan and here I am blogging . Gonna shower later then start with my homework's.

Damn la , gonna puasa tomorrow -_- Coz I have to ganti the one day I puasa-ed without niat last year. HAHA. So respect la eh kawan-kawan. Jangan makan depan saya dan buat air liur saya meleleh. haha .

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Hate those fucking birds

The most fucked up thing happened to me today. Was lepaking at the mamak in New Town with Putra just now. Our daily routine la. We were chit chatting outside. Then sumthing fell on Putra's head. I laughed. When we looked up , there were a few birds on the sign board. Then tibe2 the fucking bird just had to shit on me. HAHA. The shit kene my shirt and my pants. And I was like shouting " FUCK you birds ! ". The people at the table beside us were just looking at me. So I went to the toilet and wash it off. We were laughing our ass of, including me. Eventhough the shit kene me , but it was freaking funny. Thinking how stupid things can happen to me LOL. So the moral of the story , dont sit outside the mamak. Its safer inside coz no fucking bird will shit on you :)

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

They don't care about us

Hey ! A blogger named Dragon , HAHAHAHAH !

My Sunday was okay. Had mengaji in the morning and dad went back to Johor. After that was just watching TV and reading sejarah since the teacher in school is teaching like freaking fast so that she can finish all the chapters before trials. So yeah. Bace-ed a lil :) There were so many chunted shows today. Watched Friends for 2 hours ( best show ever ! I never get bored watching it over n over again ) , Game plan , 13 going on 30 ( Best babi ! ) , stupid spongebob and lastly keeping up with the Kardhasians. I love watching these shows weyh. Its like the only thing that keeps me at home. I would stay home the whole day and just watch Friends. Was planning to go for a jog in the afternoon but ended up lepaking at the mamak together with Putra and Rambo. Malini was suppose to come but she left us for AC :P Fagged and chit chat till like 6.45pm and went back home. Showered and continued with my sejarah. Was freaking hungry and there were no food since my mum was exhausted after her bowling tournament in the morning. So I just did maggie goreng. The easiest and the fastest :) Mum went out for ginrami with her friends and she will probably be back after midnight or tomorrow morning just in time to send me to school. haha So yeah , like mother like son :) What to do kan ? :P I'm home with the two regular sisters. The other two have gone back to their colleges. School is tomorrow as usual , WOW! -_-

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fall back into me

Hello ,

Stayed home the whole day today. Just went to 7eleven to buy top up so I can msg the person I love :) Woke up kinda early coz my sister was going back to college. So kene hug and kisses la. haha. Watched tv , ate breakfast and showered. Then started with my addmaths work. Did a few questions and was distracted by the music. HAHA. So I plugged in the ear phones and blasted out freaking loud music into my ears. Danced infront of my mum , sang and recorded my voice. HAHA. My mum was so annoyed . She just ignored me while I was dancing and hugging her. LOL. Went to the back room , and Farah was watching Titanic. So I joined her. I love that movie weyh. At that one part , me and Farah started crying. We looked at each other and laughed. LOL. So here I am now blogging. The only thing that is fun :) Shit la , my sister dah balik college. Now got no straightener -_- So my hair will suck untill the next time she comes back. haha. Owh yeah , had a lil wrestling match with my other sis. Penat owh ! She la kacau me using the pc. So I pushed her and muscle logged her. HAHA. Then she screamed like an idiot. HAHA. Pushed her out and locked the door. Its ok , I'm save now :) Thats bout it la , nothing much to update. Damn ! I'm starting to sound like Chun Wei :P

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bla bla bla

Hello ,

Today school was okay je. Ashton , Chun wei , Gomez and Hazman didn't come. Mun Fai came for a while. Accompanied me for the first 2 periods and he chowed during the 3rd period. So I was all alone. Didn't want to ponteng since the class teacher saw me in the morning. Finished up all my unfinished homework. Good la , at least I have time to study for the weekend. Played tie tee with Sayur boy and Specky. Ate with sum random people during recess. Then just lepaked in class. Nothing exciting happened in class today. Owh yeah , the funny part was during english period la. I started hitting the table and started the "we will rock you " beat. Then everyone followed and Kishan sang the song. HAHA. Teacher then laughed la. After a few minutes , I started the beat again . Then teacher tibe2 shouted "Kishan ! You better stop it or ill slap you !". Kishan was like WTF ?! Malek yang buat. HAHA. After school , got ready for sembahyang jumaat. It has been a long time since I last prayed. hehe. After sembahyang lepaked at dropzone and foos. Dah lame babi tak main. haha. But it was all boring la. Slalu menang je. haha. Then went for a drink with anak Ipin and Tupai. On the way back , bumped into Marcus. He was waiting for Hanisah to habis tution. So lepaked with him for a while then he sent me back home. Balik rumah , my dad was already home. Ate , now I'm blogging and reading people's blogs. Boring ! Everybody is going for lit nite at assunta but I'm not la. Staying home since I have already went out last week :)

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Just do what I say Harry !

Hey ho !

Harry Potter was good :D But there was no climax -_- The story line was awesome. Filled with loving moments , learning new spells and banyak lagi la. The Dark Lord takde pun in this Harry Potter. Its just his Death Eaters. Draco is already one of them now. HUHU. It was not satisfying weyh ! It all ended with the death of Proff Dumbledore. Tue je. haha. Watched it with my siblings. Went for the 8.20 pm show and ended around 11 pm. Beside me was this malay couple. They smell like shit weyh. Then nak peluk2 all , dah la muke babi nak peluk2. HAHA. Get the couple seat la. So for the whole movie I just leaned towards the other side. haha. Then nearing the end part of the movie, sum stupid Bangla workers were talking like freaking loud. Felt like going to them and ask them to STFU. But as usual , I malas je. haha. So I just gave them a loud SHH ! Reached home around 12ish. Then watched tv , Ironed my school shirt , did jadual waktu , cleaned the house and mandi. Was all rajin in the middle of the night. HAHA. It was like 1am when I wanted to use the pc. Tibe2 it blacked out. The whole house was dark. So hard to find candles , so I used my lighter the whole time. The minute it turned all dark , we heard a really loud bang. Then me and my mum went outside the house to see whats going on la. Tgk2 sum Drunk Indian dude was already lying down on the road side with his bike on him. He got knocked by a car. Wasn't a serious accident la. Then police came and it took freaking long for the freaking ambulance to come. So stupid owh these people , nak tunggu the orang mati baru nak datang la ? Nak keje ke tak ?! Lepaked outside my house for quite sumtime la. Then around 2am the lights were back on. Went back in and switched on the air cond and went off to bed :)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009



Today was so damn fun . It was a relief for 2 double period of addmaths and physics . So did chemistry almost the whole time before recess. Then I actually understood chemistry for the first time. Went back 2 class for BM freaking late till we only had like 10 minutes of it. Got scolding from teacher . Then during recess tibe2 Aaron Apek Loh told us bout this boy that has diabetes. I felt so lucky that I'm all healthy. Thank you god :) Right after Aaron talking bout the boy , he suddenly took out sum injection thingy and cucuk it at his stomach. I felt so sorry for him weyh. May god bless him with a great and long life. Then after recess got scolding again from teacher for sum reasons la but I couldn't care less coz it didn't include me. Some how I didn't get scolding from her eventhough I was dancing and throwing gin seng roots at peoples head . HAHA Tau pun takut :P Then after that we had no studies since the teacher yang teaches us addmath and physics didn't come. Stayed back after school for addmaths extra class. I found it fun doing revision weyh , maybe bcoz its a different teacher yang teach us. But sadly its a different teacher only for this week la. Went back home and am here rite now blogging.

The best part of the day was when Kishan got kicked out of the class la. HAHAHAHA ! It was freaking funny weyh. The whole class was all quiet since we baru got scloding , then Kishan was like playing around with Madhu. Then tibe2 the teacher shouted Kishan's name asking him to get out. The minute Kishan got out , I couldn't stop laughing weyh. HAHA it was worse then laughing gas la :D So funny , just for a small reason and he kene halau. Then when he got back in ,I went to his table and started laughing. LOL. The teacher looked at me laughing and she didn't do anything. HAHA. Its my last year in school , so what the hell aite ? :)

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hogwarts here I come

Make thursday come fast ! HAHA. Excited nie :)

Pelajar baru Hogwarts :D

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Me , Gomez and Kishan ( Playing Tie tee )

Weyh , your dad jual durian ah ?

WTF ? no. HAHA why ?

Coz you always write at your blog you makan durian n all.

Bodo ! So I makan durian my dad pun kene jual durian la ? HAHA

HAHA jual durian kat luar raju :P

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Back to school

Hey ho !

So, have been going back to school after the stupid food poisoning. School was okay , nothing changed. Since like dah two days didn't go , lost my touch in banging people. HAHA. Takpe2 , I'll let you people have fun :P I'm gonna be just like Adolf Hitler, mengukuhkan army and get back my kuasa. HAHA. Have been very sleepy nowdays. Everyday when I get back home from school I'll sleep straight and wake up around 5. So I'm like wasting my time sleeping when I can do my homework. Grrr ! Must buat jadual baru lorr. Then just now during sejarah mcm bodo owh. I didn't bring my text book , so I just took out my addmaths text book and opened it acting like its my sejarah text book. Then tibe2 Hazman Lalat pun did the same thing and she saw. Kantoi la. haha. So had to go pinjam from other class. Now the teacher dah start ejekking me bcoz of stupid Gomez la. HAHA. But tak kesah la , its nothing that I'm embarrassed bout. In fact , I'm proud of it :) My defense is still strong like a rock . Good luck breaking it :P

Owh yeah , Harry Potter is coming out this Thursday ! :D So my sister is all bersemangat and she booked tickets for us siblings . Cant wait :D

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sick Bastard

Ola !

Haven't been updating for quiet sometime coz of my stupid stomach la. So sensitive ! Ate sum expired peanut butter pun nak muntah2 -__- Was all ready for school till I termuntah. So mum asked me to stay home and just rest. The pain was like non stop owh , whatever I drank or ate I'll still muntah. When I wanna sleep , ill start shivering. It was seriously freaking annoying ! Felt like sum pregnant lady weyh. I get annoyed fast , get nauseous when I smell food , had no appetite at all , and I vomit every 5 minutes. GGRRR ! At that one point when I couldn't stand the pain , I woke my mum up in the middle of the night asking her to bring me to the hospital. So went there and waited for few hours just to see the doctor. When dah jumpe the doctor , he didn't even say shits. He just acted like he cared and gave me medicine like sum idiot. If like that better just go to sum pharmacy. Luckily I was kind enough not to vomit at his face. Got back home around 3am and continued sleeping ah. The medicine were all useless like shit. It just made me sleepy and made my stomach feel heavy. I only got better when my dad bought yogurt for me to eat :D

The pain aint that bad la now. I'm lucky that the 2 days I skipped didn't have much homework. Looking at the bright side , I didn't smoke for 7 days :D (How bout a standing ovation ! HAHA)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ocean deep and mountains high
They can't stop us
Because love is on our side baby
We can reach the heavens and
Touch the sky
Just believe it, believe in you and I baby
If we got love that is strong enough
We can do anything, make it
through anything
'Coz through it all love will always
Find a way

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A Day of Enjoyment :D

Hey Stephen ,

Today is another funny day in school. Played tie tee the whole day but we still did our work. The funniest part was during english la , me and Mun Fai count till 3 and we both squeezed Hazman's Boobs. HAHA. Then I laughed like freaking loud and teacher looked at us and I was like " cikgu ! die picit tetek saya ! ". Then everyone burst out laughing. Then Hazman got scolding from teacher when we were the one that pinch his tetek. LOL. So funny weyh. The whole english period was full with laughter and singing. So when I got back from school I slept like a pig. Then woke up and did my sejarah homework. I felt like a pig just lying down on my bed so I decided to go jogging. I ran like the wind ! Run baby run , don't ever look back :) Then on the way back , I heard someone calling me. When I turned back Palie was at the school bus stop. So lepaked with him for a while then went home. Fun fun day :)

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Kaki Bola

Hello Manusia ,

We had our Inter class football competition yesterday. I was the goal keeper. HAHA. As a keeper, I didn't do shits . Football is just not my thing. Our first match was with 4 Kuning and we lost 1-0 . They scored through free kick. So screwed up weyh ! The ball went in top corner. When I saw the ball, it was already too late for me to run and catch it. Sorry team for letting you guys down. The best part of the match was when another free kick was taken by them. There was this two idiots who tried blocking me so I cant see the ball , then me and Chun Wei ganged up and push him away. Chun Wei did the first move by pushing him to me , then I elbowed him from the back asking him to fuck off la ! HAHA. Then we started pushing him towards each other and he got all scared. LOL. They didn't manage to score the free kick :)

The second match was againts 3 oren. It was raining heavily weyh, but we still continued the game. Since we know that we didn't have a chance to go through the next round , we enjoyed ourselves playing in the rain. HAHA. Then Pendo scored a free kick. Awesome la RRI single man ! HAHA. We won 1-0. But as usual , I didn't do shits. I just enjoyed watching the game from the goal post. Again , sorry team for not saving the stupid free kick -_-

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A War without Weapons


During Bio , I was singing a song by Bayside and I didn't know what the title was. So I asked Thai Boy la , whats the title ? Then he suddenly said that Bayside is anti-crist. So here it goes,

Me , Aaron

I yang discovered the band (tgh bangga2 la) Bayside is anti-crist.
Owh , anti-crist people likes wearing black eh ? HAHA But I like wearing black?
Stupid ! Then I wear all black I anti-crist la ?

Since then , we started ejekking each others' religion. Mcm babi je weyh ! haha. Aaron ah started the war , then as usual takkan wanna let penjajah attack me kan ? HAHA. dah la from Thailand. LOL. I with my semangat Nasionalisme attacked back. The whole day we were ejekking each other. HAHA. Then we started saying that Mun Fai is animisme and suke main-main dekat pokok. I was like " eh Mun Fai , there got pokok. Go la sembah the pokok. HAHA ".Then started la , another penjajah join in the war. HAHA. The whole freaking day, non-stop banging each other. During sejarah pun , we laughed like shit. Then the teacher thinks that were talking about sex. HAHA. Then since the teacher was also Muslim , I took advantage la attacking Aaron kaw kaw. Just like Britain with France as back up. HAHA.
The summary is , we bang each other but we don't take it seriously la. Takde la sampai nak gaduh and all :)

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Monday, July 6, 2009


Damn ! I love this girl :)

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Transformer 2

Hey yea :)

After Cheer comp , I went to One Utama to watch Transformers 2 with my mums friend punye kids. HAHA. Went for the 9pm movie and ended around 12.25 am. The commercial was already half an hour -_- By the time the movie started , my popcorn and coke was all in my tummy already. HAHA . The movie was awesome weyh ! The first one was ok je la, coz I only watched it half way. The 2nd one was good . Megan fox hot weyh , but her face looks like a guy. haha. Was so sleepy in the cinema , but since the movie was awesome it kept me awake :D

Reached home at 1.15 am. Then online for a while and slept at 2am. Was so damn sleepy. Woke up for school at 7.45 am. Skipped assembly and went straight to class. haha.

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Cheer Comp 2009

Hey hey hey , its Fat Albert :D

So , a miracle happened. I begged my parents so that they let me out for cheer and they said yes :) Hmm , actually it wasn't really a yes , it was more like "suka hati la ! ". I followed what my hati said and of course I would love to go . Of course la , 3 weeks stuck at home. I went early in the morning around 9.30 am.I went there all by myself knowing that I'm gonna meet lots of people that I know there. Took the lrt and switched to star. When I was in the train tibe2 Aaron the Thai boy called me

Me , Aaron

Weyh , where are you ?
I'm on the way to cheer. why ?
Owh good , coz I'm already here in bukit jalil.
What the hell you doing there ? Ingatkan balik Melaka ?
I'm gonna supprise Noelle.
Aww so sweet ! haha :D

So I was happy la Thai boy pun ade. Or else I'll be a loner sitting there by myself since everyone else was only coming around 11 or 12. When I reached Bukit Jalil je dah got lots of people. Went to sum malay shop to buy fagg and met with Aaron at the entrance. We sat under Xavier , where everyone was wearing green. At first it was boring la , and not as happening as it was, the last time. Then after the lunch break the whole indoor stadium was packed edi. Me , Natt , Yue Vern and Nichole had to sit on the stairs and look up cheerleaders skirts -_- So annoying , if hot takpe la. Nie mcm busuk je. haha. We had lots of fun la dancing to the music , singing , and shouting. Met lots of people yg dah berzaman tak jumpe. The performances were awesome la. The winners were

5th place- Dynamitez Boom Boom !
4th place- From the tower we can see it all , Teen Titans !
3rd place- Calyx !
2nd place- Shirtliff
1st- Blitzerz

Calyx is the cheer group from CHS. Congrats weyh ! You guys made PJ proud. They won 3 awards. Best make up, best dress , and 3rd place. Gile la ! 0.6 % more to 2nd place. Grrr ! So close. I went back right after they announced the result coz takut susah wanna buy tickets later. So yeah , missed the performances by one buck short and all.
Overall it was worth it la. I enjoyed myself , got to spend time with my girl , hang out with the friends and meet people .

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

1 7 9 :)

You ain't even gotta worry
About a thing I gotcha babe
And ain't nobody takin' me away
It's not a game I'm here to stay
Our love is stronger than any drug
Addictive just can't get enough

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Pray pray pray

Hello ,

Today is so boring , stayed home like an idiot. haha. Woke up kinda early la. Then watched tv and online. Went to fetch Farah from their install and here I am stonning at home thinking what to do. Seriously have no mood to open the freaking book pun. Hoping for a miracle to happen so that me and Farah can go for cheer tomorrow . haha. All my old friends that I havent seen in ages are gonna be there . Damn ! haha. Pray for me people , so that I can go tomorrow ! :D

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Let it be :)

Hello ,

Didn't go school today and luckily la coz Hazman and Azreel were like saying that they didn't do shits in school. So for the first time I did sumthing right. haha. Mum woke me up in the morning to lock the door. Then I went to bed again coz had a late nite yesterday. Then she woke me up again asking me to eat the nasi lemak she bought . Then went to sembahyang jumaat together with Hazman , Azreel and Putra. Lepaked at Naling for a drink and a fagg. Then Raja called me asking me to come for the last ICC meeting. So I went la thinking that it was gonna be fun. One word , boring ! I like wasted my time going weyh. Better pegi dropzone and foos. haha. All we did was talk bout the concert , supercamp and other stuff la. I just went there for like half an hour. I wanted to lepak , but was wearing jeans n shirt. Carrie was like if Madam Shantee sees you die lor. haha. So I chowed je la before kene marah . Walked back home and guess who I bumped into ? Ibrahim LOL. He was like listening to his MP3 walking with an umbrella in his hand like sum old men. So I said hi la, takkan nak sombong. HAHA. My dad was already home. He brought back a whole dusun weyh with Rambutan , Manggis and durian. So I didn't even eat lunch. Just ate fruits. Healthy en ? haha. Then lepaked and chit chat with Farah since there were only the two of us at home. The others went to Mid to watch Transformer when both of us are not allowed to go out. So fair kan ? Whatever la. Then dah chit chat chit chat , we both fell asleep. HAHA. And now I'm here all awake and ready to transform into a nerd. haha :)

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love is in the air

You're my morning star
Shining brightly beside me
And if we keep this love
It would last through all eternity
My love is surely one thing
You can surely depend on
In times of darkness and fear
I go to you,
I know you'll make me strong
You're gonna make me happy
You're gonna make me smile
Love is nice, love is gentle
Love is joy, love is pain
Love is light when you're in the rain
I got love on my mind
Love is you, love is me
Love is just a little baby :D

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1 , 2 , 3 go !

Hello Members of the earth,

We had an impromptu session for english. Was fun la. My title was 'body piercings'. So I had lots to tell la, since I like gile babi wanna pierce my lips. HAHA. As usual , I spoke with my melayu slang. What I said tak kelakar pun , but people were laughing. I was like " whts so funneyh rakan-rakan ?". haha. Best la. Then there was this boy yang hardly speaks in our class and he ended his impromptu shouting, "summary is , the society sucks !". Everybody hang k ! haha. Tak pernah talk in class then tibe2 jerit. LOL. Such a weird world . Then teacher like bang him back kaw kaw dengan penuh semangat. Funny shits la.

Damn ! Today was such a good work out weyh :D Stayed back after school together with Kishan , Sasi and Aaron pun tibe2 ade. haha. We played badminton and Ping pong. I'm starting to really get into ping pong, since I became king of the table for a few minutes HAHA. Played with sum random cina boys. The hall was full owh. Had to wait, then only dapat main. Played a few sets of badminton. Doubles with Thai boy and Kishan the Carpet. When I doubled with Thai boy , we lost to Dinesh Hitam and Vincent I need to go to the loo. HAHA. Then when we doubled with Kishan , we won :) But I malas je nak bangga la. haha. After badminton, we went to Pandis teman Kishan Carpet makan then went back home. Played tie tee la , 5 buck a round with kishan while waiting for his father to come fetch him. I lost to an indian weyh -_- 9-5. HAHA. I dah own the cina's in our class and kalah to the india. LOL. Takpe takpe , saya noob lagi. I shall train playing tie tee everyday in class ! :D haha. Then me and Kishan checked out sum ghost videos on youtube. So scary , NNNOOTT ! haha. Most of em are just people acting like a ghost with white blankets over their head. haha. Me and Kishan were like dancing the 'Forever' move Aaron thought us in class the other day. So kelakor and funny weyh. Damn fun la lepak with this indian boy. Close friends since standard 1 till now. HAHA.

Kishan , me

me : Weyh ! cepat la gemuk ! haha
Kishan : Eh , name saya bukan shiyabuddin ok !


Then Kishan went back home. So freaking tired weyh ! Dah la had tution at 8 to 10. I dah nak tertido-tido dalam kelas. Now I'm back home blogging like a dragon. LOL. Not going to school tomorrow since ade banyak free periods. Better I stay home and study a lil. Berfaedah sikit en ? HAHA. Owh yeah , then tibe2 Mr Loh said that our trials gonna start august. Like WTF ! haha. Must buat sum pertukaran in my time table weyh.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let me out !

Hello Cicak- cicak Malaysia :D

This 2009 year is freaking annoying la. Every single time I wanna go out , the parents will act as if I'm on drugs or I'm throwing my life away. " SPM is only a few months away and I havent seen you study at all ! " Hmm , yeah la. Takkan every single time I study I must call you and ask you to come see? Takkan when your watching tv I wanna sit infront of you and open a book ? Takkan when I'm studying in the morning you want me to wake you up ? HUH !? HAHA.The best solution is , you buy me a 3G phone ah. So atleast when I'm studying I can video call you or take a picture :)

So I have submitted the class caption to our class teacher just now. There were 28 names and she only agreed on 14 ? Like wth la. HAHA. She cancelled the chunted ones that I wrote and asked me to change it. The one I wrote bout Gomez "He has the lips of Fantasia Burino plus Angelina Jolie. Lick them lips". She changed it into "He always comes late to school and sometimes he doesnt even turn up". haha ? So funny, NOT ! If tak suke Gomez cakap je la , tak yah hint hint all. Bicycle kick nnt bru tau HAHA :P There's more that she changed la. Malas wanna write it out. HMM , that is NOT MY JOB :P

Damn nigga ! This weekend got Samad's carnival , Assunta's install and Cheer comp 09 ! It will be a miracle if I could attend atleast one -_- It is official that I'm in jail but with lots of food. HAHA. Hope this is all worth it la . So this was how I ended my karangan for the mid term exam,
"Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian, bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang- senang kemudian".

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