Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 , 2 , 3 go !

Hello Members of the earth,

We had an impromptu session for english. Was fun la. My title was 'body piercings'. So I had lots to tell la, since I like gile babi wanna pierce my lips. HAHA. As usual , I spoke with my melayu slang. What I said tak kelakar pun , but people were laughing. I was like " whts so funneyh rakan-rakan ?". haha. Best la. Then there was this boy yang hardly speaks in our class and he ended his impromptu shouting, "summary is , the society sucks !". Everybody hang k ! haha. Tak pernah talk in class then tibe2 jerit. LOL. Such a weird world . Then teacher like bang him back kaw kaw dengan penuh semangat. Funny shits la.

Damn ! Today was such a good work out weyh :D Stayed back after school together with Kishan , Sasi and Aaron pun tibe2 ade. haha. We played badminton and Ping pong. I'm starting to really get into ping pong, since I became king of the table for a few minutes HAHA. Played with sum random cina boys. The hall was full owh. Had to wait, then only dapat main. Played a few sets of badminton. Doubles with Thai boy and Kishan the Carpet. When I doubled with Thai boy , we lost to Dinesh Hitam and Vincent I need to go to the loo. HAHA. Then when we doubled with Kishan , we won :) But I malas je nak bangga la. haha. After badminton, we went to Pandis teman Kishan Carpet makan then went back home. Played tie tee la , 5 buck a round with kishan while waiting for his father to come fetch him. I lost to an indian weyh -_- 9-5. HAHA. I dah own the cina's in our class and kalah to the india. LOL. Takpe takpe , saya noob lagi. I shall train playing tie tee everyday in class ! :D haha. Then me and Kishan checked out sum ghost videos on youtube. So scary , NNNOOTT ! haha. Most of em are just people acting like a ghost with white blankets over their head. haha. Me and Kishan were like dancing the 'Forever' move Aaron thought us in class the other day. So kelakor and funny weyh. Damn fun la lepak with this indian boy. Close friends since standard 1 till now. HAHA.

Kishan , me

me : Weyh ! cepat la gemuk ! haha
Kishan : Eh , name saya bukan shiyabuddin ok !


Then Kishan went back home. So freaking tired weyh ! Dah la had tution at 8 to 10. I dah nak tertido-tido dalam kelas. Now I'm back home blogging like a dragon. LOL. Not going to school tomorrow since ade banyak free periods. Better I stay home and study a lil. Berfaedah sikit en ? HAHA. Owh yeah , then tibe2 Mr Loh said that our trials gonna start august. Like WTF ! haha. Must buat sum pertukaran in my time table weyh.

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