Wednesday, July 22, 2009

50th ! :)

Selamat pagi , hello :)

Today is another ordinary day in school. Had fun disturbing the class teacher. She asked me to sit at another seat so that the 4 guys that didn't come on Friday can do their English work without copying . Was playing tie tee , so me and Kishan just sat there and finished the game cepat2. Tibe2 she screamed like freaking loud . Then we burst out laughing. haha. She is so funny when she screams. Lagi2 when there is a cicak on the teachers table. HAHA. Me and Kishan had fun kacau-ing Gomez the Lips. We just looked at him and waited for him to look back. When he looked at us , we just start laughing. HAHAHA. That's the plan la. The best part is that he thinks were talking bout him :) Went back home , ate lunch and headed to the library to finish up my chem homework and studied a lil. Was all alone at the lib , coz I know if I'm with my friends I'll just end up doing nothing and just talk. So yeah . So stupid weyh , at the library there were this group of stupid Malay girls that couldn't shut the fuck up. They were talking so loud and not doing anything berfaedah. For them the library is like a place to lepak with their friends coz they haven't discovered the existence of a mall. I think these people tak cukup perhatian ibu bapa , so they try to be the center of attention.

Went to dropzone after that. Played Foosball and waited for anak Azmi to come. When he reached old town , we headed to the mamak and met up with Putra the transfer student. LOL. Took safety precautions and sat inside the mamak so that the stupid birds cant shit on me. Lepaked till like 7 pm and met up with Eone and Nidzam. Lepak with them for a while and went back home . So damn tired weyh. Watched are you smarter then a 5th grader. There was this one girl. So freaking smart , she answered all the questions as if it was a 1+1 question. She reached the 500,000 $ question and she took the risk and answered the 1 million $ question. But she didn't know the answer and she flunked out. So wasted weyh ! Dah la her father knew the answer for the million $ question. Grrr ! "I'm a celebrity , get me out of here ! ". Heidi and Spencer are so stupid weyh ! First they wanted to get out of there like crazy , then nak masuk balik. Like WTF ?! haha. Overall , the show was good. Bye bye Angela :)

Owh yeah , its my 50th post. HUHU ! Tepuk la tangan :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

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