Thursday, July 30, 2009

All I have to give

Hey Humans ,

Long time no see :) Have been kinda busy lately with things. Lots of work , lack of sleep and much more la. Havent got the chance to use the computer too. Here I am with an update :)

Skipped assembly due to my bangun lambat problem. Damn I hate mondays. haha. Played PJK in school. Then stayed back after school for the inter class badminton tournament. The tournament was kinda lame la. My class sent 2 doubles team which was me and Kishan and the other team was Aaron and Sasi. Masuk je the tournament we straight went to semi final cause the classes we're suppose to play against didn't come. haha. So in the semis , both of our team won againts 5Oren. Was a good game la , laughing at them :P During the finals , we were againts 3Merah. Me and Kishan won but Aaron and Sasi lost. So it was a draw. To know who wins , we had to play singles. Dah la their team got a boy who plays for school. So obviously we lost. But it was a fun game la. Then Aaron and Kakit came over to my place. As usual , tie tee it is. HAHA. Thats bout it.

Went to school as usual. Then got all semangated to study since the Sejarah teacher gave us a talk bout reaching our stars and all. I get really inspired when I hear talks. haha. Went back home , rested for a while and started studying. Studied for like 2 hours then Kakit called me. He was like "Malek , where are you ? I'm at Chezz the salon beside our school. I wanna get a haircut but I malu wanna masuk coz theres a lot of girls". HAHA. Since I'm such a good friend , I stopped studying and walked down to Chezz to accompany him. Did lots of stupid stuff there la. With Kakit asking the hair dresser stupid questions. He keeps telling the hair dresser the same thing again and again , "I'm sick of barber haircut la. So I wanna try something new". haha. And the people will just smile. A normal hair cut is usually like 10 bucks je. Guess how much did Kakit's hair cut cost ? 50 bucks. haha. Kakit was like " Shit la , my dad is gonna fuck me. Now I dont even know how to go back home. My duit dah habis." HAHAAHAHA. His hair is okay la , got style . But if he kept it a lil more longer can do more different styles. So funny la how much people nowdays would spend just for a hair cut. I don't even go to salons or barbers to get a hair cut. I'll just ask my sis to cut it for me :) Easier la , coz I know her , so its easy for me to tell her the way I want my hair to look like. Cash used for my hair cut = Rm O :)

School as usual. The minute we reached school , me, Gomez and Kishan was called to the principle's office due to the stupid things we did for our class caption. HAHA. Waited for a while outside the office just to see her. Practiced our lines on what to say and all. haha. Then the moment arrived. Went in and just listened to what she has to say. We had nothing much to say coz its also our mistake . But nowadays small things are becoming a big deal. It was all fair la. Atleast she gave face to us. 24 hours to get our captions ready. It became like a competition for us. Competing with the Nerds to do a better caption. The news on what we did spread like fire amongst the teachers. The minute they see the 3 of us , and they will go " owh , you guys are the 3 ones eh ?". All we could do was to smile at them. So got home and spent like so freaking long thinking on what good things to say bout the people in our class. I tried my best to make it sound not LAME. haha. Finally we completed our task :)

Went to school had sum ceramah for pelajar Islam. Then headed to class. So Kishan brought the pendrive to school with the captions in it. Went to see the principle to give her the captions but she wanted it printed. So we went all around the school trying different computers. The documents in the pendrive could only be opened with windows 2007 and every single computer in school is not newer then windows 2003. Like wth ? haha. Spent almost the whole day walking around the school , finding teachers and checking out every single computer and the result was NOTHING. So we just gave it to Hazman the boy who lives beside school to help us print it out. When it was all done , school ended already. All we could do was just to give it to her tomorrow. Stayed back for addmaths extra class. Damn la , it is so complicating la. After addmaths went to the hall for badminton. My weekly exercise. Was damn fun la. The teamwork between me and Kishan was awesome. We're still unbeatable :) haha. Then went back home with Kishan and finished up the homework that we havent done and watched Fired up since Kishan haven't watch it. haha. I slept half way coz was so tired. Then he woke me up to say goodbye. So sweet kan ? haha. Here I am , finally getting to blog. haha.

Will keep you people updated soon aite :) Have to go for tuition now. Owh and babe if you're reading this , I havent top up yet tau. HAHA. Will message you once I've done. Love yuh :)

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