Thursday, July 16, 2009



Today was so damn fun . It was a relief for 2 double period of addmaths and physics . So did chemistry almost the whole time before recess. Then I actually understood chemistry for the first time. Went back 2 class for BM freaking late till we only had like 10 minutes of it. Got scolding from teacher . Then during recess tibe2 Aaron Apek Loh told us bout this boy that has diabetes. I felt so lucky that I'm all healthy. Thank you god :) Right after Aaron talking bout the boy , he suddenly took out sum injection thingy and cucuk it at his stomach. I felt so sorry for him weyh. May god bless him with a great and long life. Then after recess got scolding again from teacher for sum reasons la but I couldn't care less coz it didn't include me. Some how I didn't get scolding from her eventhough I was dancing and throwing gin seng roots at peoples head . HAHA Tau pun takut :P Then after that we had no studies since the teacher yang teaches us addmath and physics didn't come. Stayed back after school for addmaths extra class. I found it fun doing revision weyh , maybe bcoz its a different teacher yang teach us. But sadly its a different teacher only for this week la. Went back home and am here rite now blogging.

The best part of the day was when Kishan got kicked out of the class la. HAHAHAHA ! It was freaking funny weyh. The whole class was all quiet since we baru got scloding , then Kishan was like playing around with Madhu. Then tibe2 the teacher shouted Kishan's name asking him to get out. The minute Kishan got out , I couldn't stop laughing weyh. HAHA it was worse then laughing gas la :D So funny , just for a small reason and he kene halau. Then when he got back in ,I went to his table and started laughing. LOL. The teacher looked at me laughing and she didn't do anything. HAHA. Its my last year in school , so what the hell aite ? :)

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