Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to school

Hey ho !

So, have been going back to school after the stupid food poisoning. School was okay , nothing changed. Since like dah two days didn't go , lost my touch in banging people. HAHA. Takpe2 , I'll let you people have fun :P I'm gonna be just like Adolf Hitler, mengukuhkan army and get back my kuasa. HAHA. Have been very sleepy nowdays. Everyday when I get back home from school I'll sleep straight and wake up around 5. So I'm like wasting my time sleeping when I can do my homework. Grrr ! Must buat jadual baru lorr. Then just now during sejarah mcm bodo owh. I didn't bring my text book , so I just took out my addmaths text book and opened it acting like its my sejarah text book. Then tibe2 Hazman Lalat pun did the same thing and she saw. Kantoi la. haha. So had to go pinjam from other class. Now the teacher dah start ejekking me bcoz of stupid Gomez la. HAHA. But tak kesah la , its nothing that I'm embarrassed bout. In fact , I'm proud of it :) My defense is still strong like a rock . Good luck breaking it :P

Owh yeah , Harry Potter is coming out this Thursday ! :D So my sister is all bersemangat and she booked tickets for us siblings . Cant wait :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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