Friday, July 31, 2009

Best of friday night

Hello people,

Went to school today. I don't usually go to school on fridays but I pity my sejarah teacher la. She's trying to finish up the syllabus and half of the class is always absent on friday. haha. Since I'm such a good student , I went to school today :) Suprisingly Mun Fai came. After school went for sembahyang jumaat. Then went to dropzone for a while. Damn , I lost my touch in foos . Dropzone is getting boring nowdays. It used to be fun but not anymore. Chawed early and rested at home. Mum ajak me follow her to Curve so that I can accompany her for bowling. So I ajaked Irfan the random dude to come along. Lepaked , foosed , fagged , ate and walked around. Was fun la , chit chatting and updating each other since we are good friends since a long long time ago. He was so amazed that my mum was cool with us smoking. HAHA. Apa la lu mamat :P On our way back , there were so banyak road block since there's like this Security Demonstration thingy tommorrow . So yeah. Reached home at 11.45pm. Sent Irfan back and back home resting my fat ass while blogging :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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