Friday, July 17, 2009

Bla bla bla

Hello ,

Today school was okay je. Ashton , Chun wei , Gomez and Hazman didn't come. Mun Fai came for a while. Accompanied me for the first 2 periods and he chowed during the 3rd period. So I was all alone. Didn't want to ponteng since the class teacher saw me in the morning. Finished up all my unfinished homework. Good la , at least I have time to study for the weekend. Played tie tee with Sayur boy and Specky. Ate with sum random people during recess. Then just lepaked in class. Nothing exciting happened in class today. Owh yeah , the funny part was during english period la. I started hitting the table and started the "we will rock you " beat. Then everyone followed and Kishan sang the song. HAHA. Teacher then laughed la. After a few minutes , I started the beat again . Then teacher tibe2 shouted "Kishan ! You better stop it or ill slap you !". Kishan was like WTF ?! Malek yang buat. HAHA. After school , got ready for sembahyang jumaat. It has been a long time since I last prayed. hehe. After sembahyang lepaked at dropzone and foos. Dah lame babi tak main. haha. But it was all boring la. Slalu menang je. haha. Then went for a drink with anak Ipin and Tupai. On the way back , bumped into Marcus. He was waiting for Hanisah to habis tution. So lepaked with him for a while then he sent me back home. Balik rumah , my dad was already home. Ate , now I'm blogging and reading people's blogs. Boring ! Everybody is going for lit nite at assunta but I'm not la. Staying home since I have already went out last week :)

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