Monday, July 6, 2009

Cheer Comp 2009

Hey hey hey , its Fat Albert :D

So , a miracle happened. I begged my parents so that they let me out for cheer and they said yes :) Hmm , actually it wasn't really a yes , it was more like "suka hati la ! ". I followed what my hati said and of course I would love to go . Of course la , 3 weeks stuck at home. I went early in the morning around 9.30 am.I went there all by myself knowing that I'm gonna meet lots of people that I know there. Took the lrt and switched to star. When I was in the train tibe2 Aaron the Thai boy called me

Me , Aaron

Weyh , where are you ?
I'm on the way to cheer. why ?
Owh good , coz I'm already here in bukit jalil.
What the hell you doing there ? Ingatkan balik Melaka ?
I'm gonna supprise Noelle.
Aww so sweet ! haha :D

So I was happy la Thai boy pun ade. Or else I'll be a loner sitting there by myself since everyone else was only coming around 11 or 12. When I reached Bukit Jalil je dah got lots of people. Went to sum malay shop to buy fagg and met with Aaron at the entrance. We sat under Xavier , where everyone was wearing green. At first it was boring la , and not as happening as it was, the last time. Then after the lunch break the whole indoor stadium was packed edi. Me , Natt , Yue Vern and Nichole had to sit on the stairs and look up cheerleaders skirts -_- So annoying , if hot takpe la. Nie mcm busuk je. haha. We had lots of fun la dancing to the music , singing , and shouting. Met lots of people yg dah berzaman tak jumpe. The performances were awesome la. The winners were

5th place- Dynamitez Boom Boom !
4th place- From the tower we can see it all , Teen Titans !
3rd place- Calyx !
2nd place- Shirtliff
1st- Blitzerz

Calyx is the cheer group from CHS. Congrats weyh ! You guys made PJ proud. They won 3 awards. Best make up, best dress , and 3rd place. Gile la ! 0.6 % more to 2nd place. Grrr ! So close. I went back right after they announced the result coz takut susah wanna buy tickets later. So yeah , missed the performances by one buck short and all.
Overall it was worth it la. I enjoyed myself , got to spend time with my girl , hang out with the friends and meet people .

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