Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fall back into me

Hello ,

Stayed home the whole day today. Just went to 7eleven to buy top up so I can msg the person I love :) Woke up kinda early coz my sister was going back to college. So kene hug and kisses la. haha. Watched tv , ate breakfast and showered. Then started with my addmaths work. Did a few questions and was distracted by the music. HAHA. So I plugged in the ear phones and blasted out freaking loud music into my ears. Danced infront of my mum , sang and recorded my voice. HAHA. My mum was so annoyed . She just ignored me while I was dancing and hugging her. LOL. Went to the back room , and Farah was watching Titanic. So I joined her. I love that movie weyh. At that one part , me and Farah started crying. We looked at each other and laughed. LOL. So here I am now blogging. The only thing that is fun :) Shit la , my sister dah balik college. Now got no straightener -_- So my hair will suck untill the next time she comes back. haha. Owh yeah , had a lil wrestling match with my other sis. Penat owh ! She la kacau me using the pc. So I pushed her and muscle logged her. HAHA. Then she screamed like an idiot. HAHA. Pushed her out and locked the door. Its ok , I'm save now :) Thats bout it la , nothing much to update. Damn ! I'm starting to sound like Chun Wei :P

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