Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fashion is my Passion

Hey ,

Today was a good day for me. Woke up in the morning for mengaji. Then watched sum Thai Ghost movie. Was hoping to see Aaron Loh in the movie , but till the end of the movie tak nampak pun -_- HAHAHA. Maybe he is hiding behind the ghost or sumthing. haha. So after that , I had a photoshoot session with my very own photographer Farah Rabiah and The clothing in the pictures are my very own idea of fashion :D As you people can see , my header is a picture from our shoot. Here are sum pics for you people to see , I don't know why but I'm excited LOL.

So these pictures here , I'm wearing a long black skinny (Rm 100) , a black singlet (Rm 30) inside and a vest (Rm50) I bought in Romp. A vintage black shades (Cant remember the price) and an Aladdin style of shoe ( Rm 80).

This is my fav picture :) Farah you rock !
So these picture here are all the same outfit as the above but without the vest :)

So here I'm wearing the same pants , shades and shoe. The shirt is a shirt I bought from FOS (Rm 50) and the vintage looking hat is from Topshop (Rm 70)

There's actually so much more pictures but it will take me ages to upload it all. So these are like only a quarter of it. I'll be posting one for every post in the future aite :) If you realised , Ive made this post look like "LookBook ". Hope you guys enjoy it. It is obvious that I have a thing for fashion. To you people who dont like it , say what you want to say. Like what Ive always said before , I don't care :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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