Friday, July 24, 2009

Foos Foos

Hello ,

Woke up late today since I stayed up for a movie marathon by myself yesterday. Got up , showered and headed to the masjid for sembahyang jumaat. Met up with Putra and Hazman at the masjid. After that , instead of going to Dropzone, I went to Kelana Jaya together with Putra and Rambo to Foos. The place was chunted weyh , the table there is just like Asia Cafe and the best part is tak banyak orang. Its like a mini Asia Cafe with two Snooker tables. Got aunties and grandpas playing Mahjong and all. haha. It was so weird coz we were the only ones who weren't Cina. But what the heck la kan , I'm like always the only malay. haha . Spent like the whole afternoon there. After we got back from Kelana Jaya , we lepaked at the mamak. Like what Ive said before , its our daily routine :)
Balik rumah and watched "P S I Love you". Awesome movie la. Nowadays I'm always so semangated to watch movies. Tak kesah la old ones or new. Hmm guess what , I'm gonna watch another movie marathon tonite with the siblings. HUHU. Oh , hello SPM :)

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