Friday, July 17, 2009

Just do what I say Harry !

Hey ho !

Harry Potter was good :D But there was no climax -_- The story line was awesome. Filled with loving moments , learning new spells and banyak lagi la. The Dark Lord takde pun in this Harry Potter. Its just his Death Eaters. Draco is already one of them now. HUHU. It was not satisfying weyh ! It all ended with the death of Proff Dumbledore. Tue je. haha. Watched it with my siblings. Went for the 8.20 pm show and ended around 11 pm. Beside me was this malay couple. They smell like shit weyh. Then nak peluk2 all , dah la muke babi nak peluk2. HAHA. Get the couple seat la. So for the whole movie I just leaned towards the other side. haha. Then nearing the end part of the movie, sum stupid Bangla workers were talking like freaking loud. Felt like going to them and ask them to STFU. But as usual , I malas je. haha. So I just gave them a loud SHH ! Reached home around 12ish. Then watched tv , Ironed my school shirt , did jadual waktu , cleaned the house and mandi. Was all rajin in the middle of the night. HAHA. It was like 1am when I wanted to use the pc. Tibe2 it blacked out. The whole house was dark. So hard to find candles , so I used my lighter the whole time. The minute it turned all dark , we heard a really loud bang. Then me and my mum went outside the house to see whats going on la. Tgk2 sum Drunk Indian dude was already lying down on the road side with his bike on him. He got knocked by a car. Wasn't a serious accident la. Then police came and it took freaking long for the freaking ambulance to come. So stupid owh these people , nak tunggu the orang mati baru nak datang la ? Nak keje ke tak ?! Lepaked outside my house for quite sumtime la. Then around 2am the lights were back on. Went back in and switched on the air cond and went off to bed :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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