Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kaki Bola

Hello Manusia ,

We had our Inter class football competition yesterday. I was the goal keeper. HAHA. As a keeper, I didn't do shits . Football is just not my thing. Our first match was with 4 Kuning and we lost 1-0 . They scored through free kick. So screwed up weyh ! The ball went in top corner. When I saw the ball, it was already too late for me to run and catch it. Sorry team for letting you guys down. The best part of the match was when another free kick was taken by them. There was this two idiots who tried blocking me so I cant see the ball , then me and Chun Wei ganged up and push him away. Chun Wei did the first move by pushing him to me , then I elbowed him from the back asking him to fuck off la ! HAHA. Then we started pushing him towards each other and he got all scared. LOL. They didn't manage to score the free kick :)

The second match was againts 3 oren. It was raining heavily weyh, but we still continued the game. Since we know that we didn't have a chance to go through the next round , we enjoyed ourselves playing in the rain. HAHA. Then Pendo scored a free kick. Awesome la RRI single man ! HAHA. We won 1-0. But as usual , I didn't do shits. I just enjoyed watching the game from the goal post. Again , sorry team for not saving the stupid free kick -_-

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