Friday, July 3, 2009

Let it be :)

Hello ,

Didn't go school today and luckily la coz Hazman and Azreel were like saying that they didn't do shits in school. So for the first time I did sumthing right. haha. Mum woke me up in the morning to lock the door. Then I went to bed again coz had a late nite yesterday. Then she woke me up again asking me to eat the nasi lemak she bought . Then went to sembahyang jumaat together with Hazman , Azreel and Putra. Lepaked at Naling for a drink and a fagg. Then Raja called me asking me to come for the last ICC meeting. So I went la thinking that it was gonna be fun. One word , boring ! I like wasted my time going weyh. Better pegi dropzone and foos. haha. All we did was talk bout the concert , supercamp and other stuff la. I just went there for like half an hour. I wanted to lepak , but was wearing jeans n shirt. Carrie was like if Madam Shantee sees you die lor. haha. So I chowed je la before kene marah . Walked back home and guess who I bumped into ? Ibrahim LOL. He was like listening to his MP3 walking with an umbrella in his hand like sum old men. So I said hi la, takkan nak sombong. HAHA. My dad was already home. He brought back a whole dusun weyh with Rambutan , Manggis and durian. So I didn't even eat lunch. Just ate fruits. Healthy en ? haha. Then lepaked and chit chat with Farah since there were only the two of us at home. The others went to Mid to watch Transformer when both of us are not allowed to go out. So fair kan ? Whatever la. Then dah chit chat chit chat , we both fell asleep. HAHA. And now I'm here all awake and ready to transform into a nerd. haha :)

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