Friday, July 24, 2009

A Movie marathon

Hey people,

Such a long tiring day weyh. Went to school , stayed back for addmaths extra class and played badminton till late afternoon. School was kinda satisfying la. All the students in 5k gave the head prefect a beating since it was the day the prefects stepped down :) Played badminton together with Kishan and Sasi. The funniest shit happened during badminton just now. There were a group of form 6 cina girls playing badminton. It was like a 2 on 1 game. I was waiting for them to finish their game so we can use the court. The shuttlecock flew high then the girl wanted to smash it and the shuttlecock hit her partners head. I started laughing like shit and the girl yg kene hit dah malu gile. HAHAHA. And she was like "don't laugh la boy" when she herself was laughing. Funny shits la. Then went back home , played cards with Kishan and chit chat while waiting for Mr Gunalan to come pick him up. Once Kishan left , I showered and went for addmaths tuition. I was freaking sleepy. No matter how many freaking sticks I smoked , it still couldnt keep me awake. All I wanted to do was just sleep. Finished tution at 10 pm and reached home at 10.45pm. Straight away lied down on my bed. When I dah lie down comfortably , I didn't feel like sleeping. WTF weyh ? haha. So I decided to have a movie marathon since my sister downloaded lots of new chunted movies in her lap top. Besides that is bcoz I'm not going to school tomorrow. I feel like , Fridays in school is like a waste of time :)

First movie was 17 again. Damn la , I fell in love with Zac Efron's style of clothing. I don't know why , but I am just a guy who is into fashion. Call me gay or whatever , all I know is that your just jealous coz your style sucks :P The movie was awesome. I felt so happy watching that movie till I smiled the whole time LOL.

The second movie was Gaduh. A Malaysian movie bout students fighting in school. Malay against Chinese. haha. Watched it before at dropzone , but just felt like watching it again. The words they use in the movie was chunted la. " Cine babi ! berak tak basuh !". HAHAHAHA. But I'm glad that I didn't turn out to be those kind of Malays. My friends come in different colours and different countries, HAHA :P

The third movie was Hannah Montana the movie. The movie was just okay la , nothing exciting . The movie downloaded kinda suck. So I just watched it half way. haha. Slept at 5.30 in the morning . Ingatkan nak go get ready for school straight but nahh :) So I just went to bed. The weekend is here and I shall watch more movies. haha.

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