Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sick Bastard

Ola !

Haven't been updating for quiet sometime coz of my stupid stomach la. So sensitive ! Ate sum expired peanut butter pun nak muntah2 -__- Was all ready for school till I termuntah. So mum asked me to stay home and just rest. The pain was like non stop owh , whatever I drank or ate I'll still muntah. When I wanna sleep , ill start shivering. It was seriously freaking annoying ! Felt like sum pregnant lady weyh. I get annoyed fast , get nauseous when I smell food , had no appetite at all , and I vomit every 5 minutes. GGRRR ! At that one point when I couldn't stand the pain , I woke my mum up in the middle of the night asking her to bring me to the hospital. So went there and waited for few hours just to see the doctor. When dah jumpe the doctor , he didn't even say shits. He just acted like he cared and gave me medicine like sum idiot. If like that better just go to sum pharmacy. Luckily I was kind enough not to vomit at his face. Got back home around 3am and continued sleeping ah. The medicine were all useless like shit. It just made me sleepy and made my stomach feel heavy. I only got better when my dad bought yogurt for me to eat :D

The pain aint that bad la now. I'm lucky that the 2 days I skipped didn't have much homework. Looking at the bright side , I didn't smoke for 7 days :D (How bout a standing ovation ! HAHA)

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