Monday, July 20, 2009

So Close

Today is just a normal day. Nothing exciting happened besides getting shit by a bird. haha. Went school late. Skipped assembly due to my bangun lambat problem. Played PJK , bang kaw the one guy that I'm so annoyed with till he emo-ed the whole day. Who cares la kan ? :) Then sang my fav song , "hotel of California" where there's a lot of rooms , a lot of bed , for you and for me. HAHAHAHAHAHAH . Berborak dgn my indian friend dari standard 1, anak Gunalan. Balik rumah and slept. Woke up , watched brothers and sisters , emo sikit watch that show. haha. Then I felt so rajin and started cleaning up my house , wash the dishes and cooked dinner for the family. I know I'm so sweet kan. haha. Went for a jog and lepaked mamak with Putra Wayan pelajar dari Endon. Got shit by a stupid ugly bird. Jogged back home and waited for my mum and Farah to buka puasa. Joined them makan and here I am blogging . Gonna shower later then start with my homework's.

Damn la , gonna puasa tomorrow -_- Coz I have to ganti the one day I puasa-ed without niat last year. HAHA. So respect la eh kawan-kawan. Jangan makan depan saya dan buat air liur saya meleleh. haha .

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