Sunday, July 19, 2009

They don't care about us

Hey ! A blogger named Dragon , HAHAHAHAH !

My Sunday was okay. Had mengaji in the morning and dad went back to Johor. After that was just watching TV and reading sejarah since the teacher in school is teaching like freaking fast so that she can finish all the chapters before trials. So yeah. Bace-ed a lil :) There were so many chunted shows today. Watched Friends for 2 hours ( best show ever ! I never get bored watching it over n over again ) , Game plan , 13 going on 30 ( Best babi ! ) , stupid spongebob and lastly keeping up with the Kardhasians. I love watching these shows weyh. Its like the only thing that keeps me at home. I would stay home the whole day and just watch Friends. Was planning to go for a jog in the afternoon but ended up lepaking at the mamak together with Putra and Rambo. Malini was suppose to come but she left us for AC :P Fagged and chit chat till like 6.45pm and went back home. Showered and continued with my sejarah. Was freaking hungry and there were no food since my mum was exhausted after her bowling tournament in the morning. So I just did maggie goreng. The easiest and the fastest :) Mum went out for ginrami with her friends and she will probably be back after midnight or tomorrow morning just in time to send me to school. haha So yeah , like mother like son :) What to do kan ? :P I'm home with the two regular sisters. The other two have gone back to their colleges. School is tomorrow as usual , WOW! -_-

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