Saturday, July 25, 2009

Use Somebody

Happy Saturday people :)

Today was freaking tiring . Woke up early in the morning to join Hanisah and gang for a jog at Bukit Gasing. We took the long track coz ingatkan nak go to the river. But we couldn't find the stupid river so we ended up just going to the nearest exit since everybody was already exhausted. It was like a 1 and a half hour walk in the hutan. Had breakfast at Raju's and saw quite a number of 5 Oren dudes washing car. haha. Then all of us went to Anysa's house and lepaked there . After that Marcus sent me home and I straight away fell asleep. Penat gile babi weyh , dah la my stomach sakit gile. Feels like I have appendix -_- The pain is just on the right side. Woke up and watched TV. Later on , two of my aunts came to visit us since dah lame tak mengeratkan silaturahim. haha.

Watched sum cheerleading movie called "Fired Up". Awesome shit la. You guys should watch it. Its freaking funny :) At night I followed my parents to Carefour to buy groceries since there was nothing better to do at home. There was like a sale for Sushi there , so ape lagi kan ? Amik banyak-banyak. Then the sister tibe2 felt like eating Macaroni and Cheese at KFC. So we went to the drive through and ate at home. Hmm , it was just okay. Nothing special bout the Macaroni. That's bout it for today , nothing much :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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