Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A War without Weapons


During Bio , I was singing a song by Bayside and I didn't know what the title was. So I asked Thai Boy la , whats the title ? Then he suddenly said that Bayside is anti-crist. So here it goes,

Me , Aaron

I yang discovered the band (tgh bangga2 la) Bayside is anti-crist.
Owh , anti-crist people likes wearing black eh ? HAHA But I like wearing black?
Stupid ! Then I wear all black I anti-crist la ?

Since then , we started ejekking each others' religion. Mcm babi je weyh ! haha. Aaron ah started the war , then as usual takkan wanna let penjajah attack me kan ? HAHA. dah la from Thailand. LOL. I with my semangat Nasionalisme attacked back. The whole day we were ejekking each other. HAHA. Then we started saying that Mun Fai is animisme and suke main-main dekat pokok. I was like " eh Mun Fai , there got pokok. Go la sembah the pokok. HAHA ".Then started la , another penjajah join in the war. HAHA. The whole freaking day, non-stop banging each other. During sejarah pun , we laughed like shit. Then the teacher thinks that were talking about sex. HAHA. Then since the teacher was also Muslim , I took advantage la attacking Aaron kaw kaw. Just like Britain with France as back up. HAHA.
The summary is , we bang each other but we don't take it seriously la. Takde la sampai nak gaduh and all :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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