Monday, August 31, 2009

The End

Spot me ! :D

A fullstop to my Holidays. There is one word I would like to describe my holidays , Boring ! Excited dah pulak nak go back to school. Keep each other updated with the latest news :) Will be having our E news session in school. HAHA. At least theres something to do.
My days are going to be more free and relaxing. Not much to worry bout except for myself :D
See you people tomorrow !

Owh owh , am going to One Utama tomorrow for buka puasa :D Coz my sister won premier tickets for Final Destination 4. HUHU. She ajak me coz I helped her take the picture for the contest thingy. So sweet :)

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Highlight of 08

Hello !

Wow so the meriah la merdeka this year, sarcasm -_- All I heard was fireworks coming from Amcorp Mall. I bet its sum rempit thingy. It was merdeka countdown and I was in the toilet puffing up sum smoke. ( just smoking , not shitting LOL ). It ain't havoc this year coz its during the fasting month and exams are near. I still remember last years merdeka. A day to remember :D

Our Merdeka back in 2008 :)

Went to Curve at 11.30pm with the Malay gang. There were bout 12 of us . The second it was merdeka , every single one of us had a freaking huge cigar in our mouth. LOL. We screamed like a bunch drunk people. The countdown became more exciting when Afiq Chong Apek fell backwards into the bush. HAHAHAHA. When everybody was busy standing up looking at the fireworks , we were busy rolling on the floor laughing at Afiq yg dah jatuh in the bush. LOL. Lepaked , shisha-ed , watched Gods creation fight , danced like a bunch of idiots and made lots of noise :D Sometimes its fun doing stupid things and not caring what people think bout you. The highlight of the night was when we walked all the way from Curve to Jalan Gasing , my home. haha. Penat babi ! It took us 2 and a half hours to reach home. From t-shirt and jeans , I reached home in my boxers and shirt without any shoes on. haha . When through lots of stupid things on the way back. Lalu tanah perkuburan , almost kene pukul ngan rempit , lari dari rempit dan menyorok dari rempit. HAHA. Biasa la kan , it was merdeka. So its their chance to show their kuasa. But thank god , we escaped due to our number of armies and the speed of us running. LOL. Overall , it was an awesome night la :)

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

52 Years of Independence

People who stay till the end of time :D

Hello ,

My blogging mood dah kurang weyh. Since its merdeka eve and I'm not doing anything. Apo kato sayo bloggo ? HAHA. The holidays are coming to an end . Been going to the mosque quite often lately. Praying to god for good results. Bak kate Ustazah, "Berapa banyak kamu belajar , Tuhan yang menentukan nasib kamu". So yeah :D
This 1 week holiday was boring to the max. Sorry ah tak lepak with you guys sangat this holiday. Didn't have the mood coz tak boleh makan and all. Plus Aaron slalu pilih the day yang I ade tuition je :P
Went to Sunway with Zul , Hanisah, Dionne and Marcus for Azrina's 17th Birthday. It was a buka puasa thingy. Best la jugak :) Marcus , you drive memang taknak kalah la. People usually berbuka puasa with kuih or what not , but we berbuka with a stick of my fav Winston Light :) HAHA.

A picture with the Birthday girl :D

All we could do was to laugh while waiting for our food

Zulpalie . I cant do anything , we must get out of here ! ( In an Irish slang) HAHAHAHA.
Shuffle Pantai Dalam style :P

A group picture

That's all I have in mind. Owh and Happy 52nd Merdeka ! :D

Life is not forever ,
Happiness comes and goes ,
So does people.
Owh well , life goes on :D

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want it all, BOOM !

Together with adik beradik jual DVD :P

Haven't been doing much lately. I'm just spending my holidays in front of the TV with no mood of doing anything. Have I been studying ? Hell no ! haha. The minute I open my book , my eyes will get all watery and I'll fall asleep. haha.
Since staying home is killing me , I've decided to create my own fun. Cheerleading and dancing in front of Farah. LOL. Changed the channel to 705 Hitz and started dancing. Jumped on the couch pretending like I'm a flyer, throwing my cap imagining that its my pom poms and doing the gayest move no one could imagine. HAHAHA. Farah was so amazed that I have such talent :D haha Cheerleading is such an awesome sport la. If there was a guy team in La Salle , I would definitely join and own all the other groups at cheer comp :P HAHA jk jk . Too bad la , guys nowadays are too poyo and nak sangat control macho. Badget badget je.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When the Za'ba's Reunite

Since my daily life is getting real boring , I shall blog bout the one event/gathering that I love attending most :D
Every year , we will have a get together of the freaking huge family tree. It will either be a dinner or a whole day event.
Since Za'ba has 6 children. All 6 of them have passed away and what is left are the cucu's and cicit's and below ( I don't know what they call that HAHA ). Each of his kids represents a colour. There are green , blue , yellow , red , purple and orange. The Redza's are the blues. But the colour does not really matter coz we are all family :D There are all together about 200 of us.

Just added a cousin of mine on facebook and got lots of pictures from our gathering last year. So last year , we had our gathering at Sunway Lagoon. It was freaking awesome ! Miss those moments weyh. Too much stories to tell , so I'll just let the pictures tell the story aite :D

Zaman rambut macam Jonas Brother coz kene water -_- haha

Boobies of mine :D

My family :D

The Aunties and Uncles from Kuching Sarawak :D

Competition begins

A group photo with the people from the red house :D

A picture from our gathering at Fraser's Hill :D

It just gets better year after year. There are more pictures but of course I'll only upload the ones that I am in LOL :D This year , there will only be a Raya dinner just before my SPM. haha.

P/s : My driving is getting better ! Drove from Damansara to home :D ( Kembang ! ) Tepuk la sikit ! :P HAHA

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Watch Over you

Hey :)

I haven't been as active as I should. Just too busy doing things. Since its early in the morning and I cant eat , smoke or drink. I shall update aite :D

Stayed home the whole day yesterday. The first day of puasa was good. Didn't feel weak at all. Or maybe its because I only woke up at 12.30 pm. haha. Watched TV and onlined the whole day. As usual in the afternoon we will take a visit to the Bazaar Ramadan to get food that we crave for. Went to section 14 first and then to section 17. The whole time walking around , I didn't feel like buying anything. All I wanted was to pass time. Went home and there was 30 minutes to buka puasa. haha.

After buka puasa got ready to go for tarawih prayers. Met up with Rambo , Ben and Nidzam. Met lots of friends that I haven't seen in quite awhile. Stayed on till 10.30pm. When i got back, was all tired and went to bed :)

Today I'm gonna attend sum Mod Math revision class at Pan Global. I hope it will help la. Since my maths knowledge is 0% thanks to our teacher :D Gonna spend the whole day there. These whole week is gonna be full with gaining knowledge to prepare me for trials.
Harap-harap berbaloi la :)

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A lil experiment

I got myself a hair cut on Thursday :D From what have my sister done to a lil editing by me. Haha. Its so awesome trying new things. Its like a new creation :)

Its sort of a Mohawk but with a really short cut in front and at the back leaving a lil gap. So the Mohawk will be in the middle :) I'm sure it doesn't cost 50 bucks aite , HAHA :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Almost Easy

Look at my hair , so the smart. HAHA

Dah lame tak blog. HAHA. Haven't got the chance to use the pc since everyone is like fighting over the comp. So lets do a lil recap for Thursday and Friday aite :)

Went to school . Nothing much happened . Was just a plain normal day. Stayed back for addmaths extra class since the teacher had a lil test to see our progression after all the extra class we have attended. I passed it :D Cukup-cukup makan je. Long way to go for an A1. haha. Owh yeah , when I was walking towards the porch after school , I bumped into one of the discipline teacher

Me , Mr Y

Malek ! rambut kamu sume ternaik ah. Macam nak kene potong je nie.
HAHA , yea cikgu . Nanti saya potong. ( cepat2 lari macam Naruto :D )
(Stared at my hair for so long)

It's my last year dah. So I dont really care :) Then after addmaths , went back home and tertido. Woke up , watched tv and got ready for addmaths tuition at nyte. Met up with the cina gang from samad before tuition. Lepak kejap , and went for class. K.O-ed kinda early that night. I dont know why , but I like sleeping early :)

Skipped school and woke up late. Then off to Old town for sembahyang. Instead of going sembahyang , went to dropzone straight. HAHA. Lepaked there for quite sum time. Then got lots of call from my mum , asking me to come home since my dad keeps asking her where I am. So I did the old trick of saying , Yeah I'm on the way. HAHA. When I finally wanted to go home , the form 5's from Andrew Choo just ended. Bumped into Hanisah and Zul Hormones. Lepaked with them at sum mamak. Borak-borak like so lame . I was dying for a cigg and out in no where , Zul Hormones took out a stick from his bag. So weird ! I wonder where he got it from. HAHA. But thanks la , you saved my life :) Went back home , ingatkan nak go sembahyang tarawih. But was too tired so I just stayed home.

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Puasa puasa

Happy Puasa people ! Time to drop sum fats. If I'm lucky , gain sum packs.
Yeah right la kan ? HAHAHA :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I wanna

Wednesday .

Blog study was much more interesting and fun since they changed the teacher. Did lots of komsas. Chit chat most of the time. Talking bout movies , future plans and lots more till teacher had to separate us. haha. Then in class , it was a war against me and a grasshopper. LOL. I was sitting down stoning. Then Vincent Lee Chong Wei suddenly pointed at me and started laughing.

In my mind I was like "Wtf is his prob ". When I looked at my shoulder , there was a grasshopper lepaking on my shoulder. I automatically shouted and jumped. And the whole back row went crazy. HAHA. So Kishan tried acting like sum hero. He catched it with his hands and everybody was gathering around it. Kishan was holding its legs saying that its very sharp. So I wanted to carry it by holding its antenna . When I hold its antenna , the stupid grasshopper started jumping. The climax was when 1 of its leg tercabut. HAHAHAHA. So kesian , but funny. Everybody mule la , acted like their sum animal lover. "Kesian la the grasshopper . " Yea la , I cabut its leg on purpose kan !? haha. Went for chem and school finally ended. Lepaked at the canteen while waiting for sum of the guys to go for their add maths extra class. We sat at the normal table where we sat since form 1 ? and now it has become a table for teachers. It goes like this

Me , Ashton , Chun Wei

(two guy teachers sat there , pandang slack la kononnye like sum ugly shit )
(Saw the ugly Betty look alike teacher) Weyh2 , shes gonna come and halau us
They wont dare la
(singing the ugly Betty theme song) Owh shes a beautiful girl , shes a beautiful girl.
Boys , you cannot sit here ! Move away
(one of the guy teachers) Exactly !
See , I told you ugly betty sure halau us.
I ingatkan you talking bout the guys.
Sape lagi Ugly Betty in this school ?

So annoying weyh. Our canteen is already small enough and they wanna take one whole table that they only use like once in a while. Apo la.

Went back home and slept as usual. Then watched TV and did nothing. The End :D

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I gotta feeling

Today was hell. 5 periods of Bahasa Melayu before recess. The teacher tibe2 wanna act strict all of a sudden. Maybe coz everyone was taking her as a joke yesterday. Boring as hell ! Then after recess was 4 periods of chemistry. Damn , it was tiring. I was half asleep the whole time. Then teacher suddenly mentioned bout the PSP incident saying that "Their plan was stupid. " HAHAHA :P Ownage ! Then Alan actually thinks that when he shouts "Malek hisap rokok !" loudly in class I would be afraid ? Please la , my parents knows, my friends knows and practically the whole world knows la. So try harder aite ? Let me help you put a big L on your forehead :P HAHA.

While I was online , I saw lots of my old pics in Kakit's facebook page. So funny weyh ! The good old days :)

Cameron Towers :)

Mohawk Era :D haha
With Li Ling

Shivani's Deepavali Open House

My Cina Friend ! At that time , he belum start jual DVD. haha :D

They were playing sum game that I didn't know of. So they were laughing. HAHA

Together with Reshmin , Li Ling and Shivani :D

Shuffling at Cosmic Bowl during ICC games. haha
2nd place yaw !

My Cina friend again. haha

Tanisha :D

Lick them balls. haha

Zaman Counter Strike at MMOR :D

Zaman main Monopoly after PMR. haha

Kakit's photo shoot for sum Canon photography Comp.
Sadly , he didn't win -_-

From Yew Wings Page.
Botak botak botak ! :D

Went back home and slept like freaking long. Woke up , watched TV and online. Am at home alone -_- Farah and Qila went to MidV to watch sum movie , Tiqa and mum went to Kl Central to buy her ticket to go back to college. So here I am blogging. The End :)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Brand New Day

Aww , kesian her. Shes having her trials today.
Gudluck babe :)
You can do it ! HAHA

Hey Monday ,

Bahasa Melayu for the whole 5 periods before recess ? Damn , it was freaking boring. 5 minutes just to discuss a question ! haha. I'm lucky I'm in the same class with most of the people I know. All we did was make noise. Then mule la , the complaints from the teacher. haha. In a way , I actually learned a few things from it. Like understanding the words for bina ayat and a few peribahasa . haha. Well , lets just see how things turn out tomorrow aite :)

So I bought keropok lekor after recess which tasted like shit. It was all sour coz I think they kept it too long. So I only had 1 bite and I spitted it out. There were 2 more and I gave it to Kishan. Mane la tau its only my taste buds yang cacat. So he took it and ate one. So here the convo goes ,

Malek , Gomez , Kishan

Tengok Kishan , suke je makan keropok lekor masam.
Weyh Kishan ! Malek put the keropok at his ketiak thats why its sour.
WTH you did ? It tasted like shit ! (threw it in the dustbine)
Weyh I swear I didnt do anything ! It just tasted like shit. So I gave you la.
Think la , why would Malek be so kind to offer you (Laughing like a bitch )
Eh babi ! Dont believe this stupid Bibir boy ! Hes just another Azreel. HAHA
Takpe la , I dah tak kesah la. You yang dosa.
Okay , ape yang penting , your perut dah kenyang makan keropok lekor.

See ! I'm actually a very nice person la. I just like messing with you. haha. Niat nye baik tetapi gelagatnya jahat :)

So everyone was gathering around and playing cards. Berborak-borak la. I was playing with Mun Fai's head coz its like so soft and smooth. Then sumthing popped up in my mind , and I automatically said it out loud,

"Cantik ah rambut lu , macam penyanyi Hong Kong ! "

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Everybody started laughing. Its either funny or coz it's random. LOL. It was actually a line from the story Gubra. The two last periods was relief . Then Mun Fai and Gomez wanted to chow early. They were sort of going out slowly. Then I shouted loudly " Bye Mun Fai ! ". Then Aaron joined me waving at him,Repeatedly. HAHAHA.

Me , Aaron

So funny la , we say bye kat Mun Fai macam tgh dekat airport je. Like his going sumwhere. LOL
Thats why ! haha. Macam penanyi Hong Kong !
Tue ah , penyanyi Hong Kong nak balik Hong Kong from Malaysia. HAHAHA.

There were so many funny convos I came across today. When I think about it , I'll start laughing by myself. Lol I'm even laughing like an idiot while updating this blog. HAHA.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Trip to Memory Lane

Was looking through Farah's folder of pictures and I came through lots of our pictures from the old old old days. When nothing in life matters then, just having fun. Enjoy :)

From left Me , Afi , Farah and Tiqah.
So the cute weyh ! haha.

It was Farah's birthday. So the teacher allowed me to join in her class to celebrate together :D
I didn't know Mei Fong was in the same kindergarten too. HAHA.

Cam whoring was already in our blood since then. HAHA

I thought it was my birthday :)

From left Aqilz , Afi , aunt Intan , Farah and me sitting on the table.

Those times were awesome. Had a really fit body , long hair , and a very retro style. HAHA. I then felt in love with food and became fat. Went through lots of obstacles in life and because of that , I became who I am today :)

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Please don't stop the rain

Woke up in the morning for the Sunday morning routine , mengaji. Then did lots of stupid things at home to pass time. I was all bored and restless. I couldn't study , I couldn't do anything. I then decided to go for a jog to get myself together. Called Hazman and Rambo along. Went for a jog at Taman Jaya. Felt good coz its been a long time since I last did something healthy :) Heard some loud music coming from Amcorp Mall. So went there for a while to check it out. Just sum Rempit event going on. Then called Kumz asking whether I can hang out at his house for a while. Going back home was the last thing on my mind. Chilled at Kumz place and played guitar Hero. Berborak-borak till 8pm and called my sister to come pick me up. Went back home , washed up and did a lil reading.

My addiction to Nicotine is getting worse -_- From smoking only when I go to the toilet , I smoke like every half an hour now. A box of 20 can only last me for 2 days . Damn , its time for me to cut down. My target is to smoke a maximum of only 5 sticks a day. Fasting month is coming and I have no idea how am I going to survive ! All I can do is pray :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Told You So

Rindu Natalie Loo !! :)
Saturday ,

Woke up in the morning to go to school since Thai and Gunalan said they were going to school. Went to school and there were only 5 students who came including me. Was ditched by my friends :P HAHA . Played futsal for like half an hour and chowed coz the place was contaminated by the karats -_- My mum was like " wth ? Baru je hanta tadi dah balik? not even an hour. " LOL. Went back home and had a really good sleep. Woke up and did shits. When boredom started killing me , I realized it was time for me to open a book. So I did :)

Everybody is at world stage in Sunway today. I really want to go , but the head of the family is home. Plus there are thousands of human beings that are gonna be there. With this Virus spreading like fire ? Nah , its just my jealousy speaking. Have fun people :)

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Friday, August 14, 2009

With Arms Wide Open

Thank God its Friday ?

Skipped school today since our class decided to make every Friday a holiday. There is seriously something wrong with me. I keep waking up freaking early on the days that I don't go to school. Watched TV the whole morning . Then got ready for prayers and hung out at Dropzone practically the whole afternoon. Got back home , walked around the house finding for things that I can do -_-
Watched Tarzan 1 on Disney Channel just now. It was fun watching the old childhood movies that I used to watch :)

Yesterday was my uncle's wedding. The decorations were awesome but the food was tasteless. The VIP guest was our ex Prime Minister , Pak Lah. He was there since my grand uncle are like friends with him. Farah was the flower girl and my mum helped welcome the guests . Both my sister and I just stoned there hoping that something fun would happen. The next thing we knew, we were surrounded by unknown old people. I was feeling so uncomfortable looking at the adults smoking here and there. It was like fasting month for me with people eating food in front of me -_- Overall , it was just okay. Didn't have fun coz I don't really "click" with my relatives from this side.
The usual equation ,

When anak-anak Mr Zainal are bored = Take pictures :)

The chunted lighting's

Before the guests arrived.

When the guests have arrived

My mum doesn't have to buy cooking oil since my face is oily enough , LOL :)

Sepet !

More sepets

The two hamsters. HAHAHAHA

Its a wedding I would dream of besides the tasteless food and the unknown old people. HAHA.
But my wedding will be cooler coz there will be a local band performance and the floor is free for people to mosh :D

Congrats Uncle Ben !

A RedzaRox Production :)