Sunday, August 30, 2009

52 Years of Independence

People who stay till the end of time :D

Hello ,

My blogging mood dah kurang weyh. Since its merdeka eve and I'm not doing anything. Apo kato sayo bloggo ? HAHA. The holidays are coming to an end . Been going to the mosque quite often lately. Praying to god for good results. Bak kate Ustazah, "Berapa banyak kamu belajar , Tuhan yang menentukan nasib kamu". So yeah :D
This 1 week holiday was boring to the max. Sorry ah tak lepak with you guys sangat this holiday. Didn't have the mood coz tak boleh makan and all. Plus Aaron slalu pilih the day yang I ade tuition je :P
Went to Sunway with Zul , Hanisah, Dionne and Marcus for Azrina's 17th Birthday. It was a buka puasa thingy. Best la jugak :) Marcus , you drive memang taknak kalah la. People usually berbuka puasa with kuih or what not , but we berbuka with a stick of my fav Winston Light :) HAHA.

A picture with the Birthday girl :D

All we could do was to laugh while waiting for our food

Zulpalie . I cant do anything , we must get out of here ! ( In an Irish slang) HAHAHAHA.
Shuffle Pantai Dalam style :P

A group picture

That's all I have in mind. Owh and Happy 52nd Merdeka ! :D

Life is not forever ,
Happiness comes and goes ,
So does people.
Owh well , life goes on :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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