Tuesday, August 4, 2009

About You Now

Hello people ,

Me and Kishan had nothing better to do in class. So we decided to take pictures with Thailand's phone. Lets play a guessing game :)

He's a very short guy with a really big ego. He has polka dots on his face . No one can see him when he's around :)

Answer : Hazman

He's freaking tall with a very deep voice. Every teachers' favourite student. He has the lips of Fantasia Burino. Hmm sape eh ? :D

Answer : Darren Gomez

He is Sandy from Spongebob's lil brother. He's just like the boy who cried wolf. No one believes him now. Owh he is also like Pinocio , instead of his nose growing , his teeth becomes bigger . HAHA. Maybe he's still trying to get used to the new habitat of humans :P

Answer : Azreel Ariff

Mata besar gila babi. All of us are afraid coz it looks like it might just pop out anytime. He has a really flexible body. He can take his eye balls out , bend his fingers and many more. I have a feeling I saw him at a circus before LOL :P

Answer : Venuthan

Lastly ,

The two people yang betul2 malas nak bangga. Friends since standard 1 and still are in form 5 :D The coolest people in the whole world.

Answer : Malek Redza and Kishan Gunalan :P

P/S : Don't marah tau. I really meant what I say bout you guys. LOL. Nahh , joking :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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