Saturday, August 22, 2009

Almost Easy

Look at my hair , so the smart. HAHA

Dah lame tak blog. HAHA. Haven't got the chance to use the pc since everyone is like fighting over the comp. So lets do a lil recap for Thursday and Friday aite :)

Went to school . Nothing much happened . Was just a plain normal day. Stayed back for addmaths extra class since the teacher had a lil test to see our progression after all the extra class we have attended. I passed it :D Cukup-cukup makan je. Long way to go for an A1. haha. Owh yeah , when I was walking towards the porch after school , I bumped into one of the discipline teacher

Me , Mr Y

Malek ! rambut kamu sume ternaik ah. Macam nak kene potong je nie.
HAHA , yea cikgu . Nanti saya potong. ( cepat2 lari macam Naruto :D )
(Stared at my hair for so long)

It's my last year dah. So I dont really care :) Then after addmaths , went back home and tertido. Woke up , watched tv and got ready for addmaths tuition at nyte. Met up with the cina gang from samad before tuition. Lepak kejap , and went for class. K.O-ed kinda early that night. I dont know why , but I like sleeping early :)

Skipped school and woke up late. Then off to Old town for sembahyang. Instead of going sembahyang , went to dropzone straight. HAHA. Lepaked there for quite sum time. Then got lots of call from my mum , asking me to come home since my dad keeps asking her where I am. So I did the old trick of saying , Yeah I'm on the way. HAHA. When I finally wanted to go home , the form 5's from Andrew Choo just ended. Bumped into Hanisah and Zul Hormones. Lepaked with them at sum mamak. Borak-borak like so lame . I was dying for a cigg and out in no where , Zul Hormones took out a stick from his bag. So weird ! I wonder where he got it from. HAHA. But thanks la , you saved my life :) Went back home , ingatkan nak go sembahyang tarawih. But was too tired so I just stayed home.

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