Monday, August 17, 2009

Brand New Day

Aww , kesian her. Shes having her trials today.
Gudluck babe :)
You can do it ! HAHA

Hey Monday ,

Bahasa Melayu for the whole 5 periods before recess ? Damn , it was freaking boring. 5 minutes just to discuss a question ! haha. I'm lucky I'm in the same class with most of the people I know. All we did was make noise. Then mule la , the complaints from the teacher. haha. In a way , I actually learned a few things from it. Like understanding the words for bina ayat and a few peribahasa . haha. Well , lets just see how things turn out tomorrow aite :)

So I bought keropok lekor after recess which tasted like shit. It was all sour coz I think they kept it too long. So I only had 1 bite and I spitted it out. There were 2 more and I gave it to Kishan. Mane la tau its only my taste buds yang cacat. So he took it and ate one. So here the convo goes ,

Malek , Gomez , Kishan

Tengok Kishan , suke je makan keropok lekor masam.
Weyh Kishan ! Malek put the keropok at his ketiak thats why its sour.
WTH you did ? It tasted like shit ! (threw it in the dustbine)
Weyh I swear I didnt do anything ! It just tasted like shit. So I gave you la.
Think la , why would Malek be so kind to offer you (Laughing like a bitch )
Eh babi ! Dont believe this stupid Bibir boy ! Hes just another Azreel. HAHA
Takpe la , I dah tak kesah la. You yang dosa.
Okay , ape yang penting , your perut dah kenyang makan keropok lekor.

See ! I'm actually a very nice person la. I just like messing with you. haha. Niat nye baik tetapi gelagatnya jahat :)

So everyone was gathering around and playing cards. Berborak-borak la. I was playing with Mun Fai's head coz its like so soft and smooth. Then sumthing popped up in my mind , and I automatically said it out loud,

"Cantik ah rambut lu , macam penyanyi Hong Kong ! "

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Everybody started laughing. Its either funny or coz it's random. LOL. It was actually a line from the story Gubra. The two last periods was relief . Then Mun Fai and Gomez wanted to chow early. They were sort of going out slowly. Then I shouted loudly " Bye Mun Fai ! ". Then Aaron joined me waving at him,Repeatedly. HAHAHA.

Me , Aaron

So funny la , we say bye kat Mun Fai macam tgh dekat airport je. Like his going sumwhere. LOL
Thats why ! haha. Macam penanyi Hong Kong !
Tue ah , penyanyi Hong Kong nak balik Hong Kong from Malaysia. HAHAHA.

There were so many funny convos I came across today. When I think about it , I'll start laughing by myself. Lol I'm even laughing like an idiot while updating this blog. HAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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