Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everybody Get Up

Hey manusia !

Today is such a dull day. My brains like tibe2 set an alarm and I woke up at 7 am. Like wth weyh ?! School days punye la susah nak bangun but weekends ? haha. Had mengaji in the morning. Then stayed home and did shits. Practiced driving to Giant :D Getting better and more confident . HUHU !

Then went for mamak with the two Malay friends. The funny part was when we were walking , we passed this bush of flowers. Then tibe2 when I looked back Putra fell in the bushes and when I looked at Rambo , he was running away laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Klaka gile babi ! Then Putra chased after Rambo and banged him against sum peoples house gate. haha. So funny la. Every time I hang out with these two people , they'll surely do something stupid to make me laugh LOL. So at the mamak , Rambo gave Putra money to buy a box of ciggies . Putra as usual buat macam rumah sendiri and took the box by himself at the counter rack. There was nobody there and he was waiting to pay. The coast was freaking clear so we asked him to just walk away. Free cigarettes it is. HAHA. Went back home around 7.30 pm.

So here I am blogging. The proverb "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched " is so suitable for me. I keep telling myself that I'm gonna study but at the end of the day , I didn't do shits. The only days that I am semangated to study are weekdays. The weekends will just go to waste. Damn ! I feel like such a wasted sperm -_-

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