Monday, August 31, 2009

Highlight of 08

Hello !

Wow so the meriah la merdeka this year, sarcasm -_- All I heard was fireworks coming from Amcorp Mall. I bet its sum rempit thingy. It was merdeka countdown and I was in the toilet puffing up sum smoke. ( just smoking , not shitting LOL ). It ain't havoc this year coz its during the fasting month and exams are near. I still remember last years merdeka. A day to remember :D

Our Merdeka back in 2008 :)

Went to Curve at 11.30pm with the Malay gang. There were bout 12 of us . The second it was merdeka , every single one of us had a freaking huge cigar in our mouth. LOL. We screamed like a bunch drunk people. The countdown became more exciting when Afiq Chong Apek fell backwards into the bush. HAHAHAHA. When everybody was busy standing up looking at the fireworks , we were busy rolling on the floor laughing at Afiq yg dah jatuh in the bush. LOL. Lepaked , shisha-ed , watched Gods creation fight , danced like a bunch of idiots and made lots of noise :D Sometimes its fun doing stupid things and not caring what people think bout you. The highlight of the night was when we walked all the way from Curve to Jalan Gasing , my home. haha. Penat babi ! It took us 2 and a half hours to reach home. From t-shirt and jeans , I reached home in my boxers and shirt without any shoes on. haha . When through lots of stupid things on the way back. Lalu tanah perkuburan , almost kene pukul ngan rempit , lari dari rempit dan menyorok dari rempit. HAHA. Biasa la kan , it was merdeka. So its their chance to show their kuasa. But thank god , we escaped due to our number of armies and the speed of us running. LOL. Overall , it was an awesome night la :)

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