Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I wanna

Wednesday .

Blog study was much more interesting and fun since they changed the teacher. Did lots of komsas. Chit chat most of the time. Talking bout movies , future plans and lots more till teacher had to separate us. haha. Then in class , it was a war against me and a grasshopper. LOL. I was sitting down stoning. Then Vincent Lee Chong Wei suddenly pointed at me and started laughing.

In my mind I was like "Wtf is his prob ". When I looked at my shoulder , there was a grasshopper lepaking on my shoulder. I automatically shouted and jumped. And the whole back row went crazy. HAHA. So Kishan tried acting like sum hero. He catched it with his hands and everybody was gathering around it. Kishan was holding its legs saying that its very sharp. So I wanted to carry it by holding its antenna . When I hold its antenna , the stupid grasshopper started jumping. The climax was when 1 of its leg tercabut. HAHAHAHA. So kesian , but funny. Everybody mule la , acted like their sum animal lover. "Kesian la the grasshopper . " Yea la , I cabut its leg on purpose kan !? haha. Went for chem and school finally ended. Lepaked at the canteen while waiting for sum of the guys to go for their add maths extra class. We sat at the normal table where we sat since form 1 ? and now it has become a table for teachers. It goes like this

Me , Ashton , Chun Wei

(two guy teachers sat there , pandang slack la kononnye like sum ugly shit )
(Saw the ugly Betty look alike teacher) Weyh2 , shes gonna come and halau us
They wont dare la
(singing the ugly Betty theme song) Owh shes a beautiful girl , shes a beautiful girl.
Boys , you cannot sit here ! Move away
(one of the guy teachers) Exactly !
See , I told you ugly betty sure halau us.
I ingatkan you talking bout the guys.
Sape lagi Ugly Betty in this school ?

So annoying weyh. Our canteen is already small enough and they wanna take one whole table that they only use like once in a while. Apo la.

Went back home and slept as usual. Then watched TV and did nothing. The End :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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